How to Decorate Like You’re At Hogwarts (& Keep it Stylish!)

Ever watch any of the Harry Potter movies and desperately wish you could snap your fingers (or wave your wand) and find yourself in one of those magnificent rooms in that medieval castle?! Yeah, me too. If it were up to me I’d live in Hogwarts indefinitely.

Here’s the problem: I’m more of a minimalist when it comes to decorating than most people, the interior designers of Hogwarts probably included. I can’t stand a lot of clutter, too many patterns, or clashing colors. I detest primary colors. Guys, there are so many primary colors in Harry Potter. Talk about my personal nightmare. But there are also a ton of ornate golds, delicate designs, warm wood tones, cozy textures…all of which I can get behind! If you choose & pair wisely, it’s actually possible to add in some Hogwarts-inspired flair to your home decor without being too obvious or looking like you just cleaned out the gift shop at Universal Studios Harry Potter Wizarding World. I threw together a few of my favorite items that I thought fit the bill, and now I’m kiiind of considering a living room re-design. 😉


harry potter room.jpg


You know Hogwarts was probably covered in old Persian & Turkish rugs. This soft piece from Anthropologie adds texture and is just patterned enough without being too busy. Plus, the colors simply belong in Gryffindor tower (but again, aren’t so primary). 

Read any passage about (or watch any scene in) Gryffindor common room and you’ll know just how important cozy cushioning is for when you need a comfy place to work or just lounge with your friends. Add vintage throw pillows to armchairs and sofas, lay down some floor pillows for extra seating (hello, movie nights!), and throw in a Moroccan pouf so you can put your feet up (preferably by a roaring fire). 

Speaking of staying warm (sans fire… #apartmentlife), how good would it feel to curl up with a good book under this giant faux fur blanket?!

Every single mirror I own in my apartment is gold. If there’s any decor trend I am truly and 100% behind, it’s that one.  This mirror has a vaguely similar shape to the Mirror of Erised, just with more modern, rounded edges. It’s similar enough to make the association, but isn’t too obvious that it’s cheesy.

This ceramic white stag mount is so cute, plus it’s a decorative item that’s actually pretty popular so it won’t raise too many eyebrows! How could you not look at it and think the words “expecto patronum” every single time?!

Sport your Gryffindor pride with a vase decorated with lions. (Full disclosure: I’m a Slytherin, but unfortunately there aren’t a ton of cute decorative pieces with snakes…)

Is there anything better than the Harry Potter score?! It still gives me goosebumps and brings me to tears. Listening to it on vinyl would be unreal. Especially on this record player that looks like it would be found in a Divination class (that ethereal pattern though…)

Displaying an impressive library is a pretty Hermione-ish move (in the best way!). Your Harry Potter books deserve to be displayed. This neutral (but still thematic!) book cover set makes it so you can display your collection without clashing with your other belongings.

Finally, this golden snitch clock is just too adorable to pass up. It’s the most obvious item on this list, but it’s so cute that I simply don’t care.

Other ideas:

Not ready for a full re-design of your living room? I get it, we can’t all be crazy. There are other easy and inconspicuous ways of showcasing your HP love. Frame a print of a favorite quote (or one of your favorite chapter pages). Display your wand(s) in your pencil cup. Collect themed mugs. Display pretty little trinkets (like a music box that plays Hedwig’s Theme) here & there in tasteful ways! Whatever you do, make sure you have some fun with it. 😉





Thanks for reading! xx

5 Life Lessons Harry Potter Taught Me


Having a few really good friends who stand by your side, no matter what, can carry you through even the darkest of times. Harry, Ron, and Hermione were with each other through it all, from the very beginning. They fought and they were different from one another but they also pushed each other, and at the end of the day they each needed each other. Ron and Hermione gave Harry courage and hope. When it comes to friendships, the matter of quality is infinitely more important than quantity.


There’s a difference between being dragged into battle and walking into it with your head held high. Harry realizes this in book six when met with his prophecy, that he must be the one to either kill or be killed by Voldemort. He, like his parents, chose to fight instead of flee. And it made all the difference in how the story ends. Whenever we’re faced with obstacles or hardships, it’s best to face them head-on with dignity than be found avoiding the issue altogether. At the very least, less people get hurt.


Fear of death or the dark is nothing more than fear of the unknown, and there are far worse things to be afraid of. Why fear something so inevitable as death, or something so natural as darkness? Furthermore, making the fatal mistake that Voldemort made, of having fears and never bothering to learn more about them, is particularly harmful. Face your fears so that you can conquer them, rather than succumb to them.


Love is infinitely more powerful than hate. At the very core of the story, it’s a tale of good vs. evil, love vs. hate. Love, the most powerful form of magic, always wins. Acting out of love will always always always yield better results than acting out of hate.


There are always two sides to a story, and all persons have their flaws. *spoiler alert* Severus Snape was regarded as a villain for most of the series until the very end when it was revealed that he was actually a hero. For so long we were led to believe he was a murderer, a double-agent, a bad guy. Until we heard his side of the story and realized he was nothing more than a man who had loved and lost and was trying to do the right thing. Even Draco Malfoy, another of the series’ villainous characters, had moments of redemption. Harry was sometimes so clouded by his initial idea of these two people that he failed to see the truth. There are good people who do bad things, it’s as simple as that. We shouldn’t judge too quickly. We shouldn’t sort too soon.

There ya have it! The five main life lessons I learned from reading Harry Potter. And really, these are just skimming the surface. Harry taught me so much and continues to do so with every time I re-read the series. We’re so lucky to have grown up with him!