DIY Snowglobe Ornament

I love snow globes. The mini figurines, the glittery snow, the magical tunes. It’s all right up my ally. I also really like Christmas villages. It pretty much comes at no surprise that I found a way to marry the two in this super simple DIY ornament!

It took me about 20 minutes and requires next to creative talent. All you really need are the correct tools.

What you’ll need:


*Optional but not required (they just seem to yield better results): Cotton balls and spray adhesive.

What to do:

  1. Using the scissors, VERY CAREFULLY puncture a hole in the ornament. Then cut out a big circle so that ornament looks like a shadow box.
  2. Pull apart pieces of cotton and hot glue together and to the bottom of the ornament. This creates voluminous snow! When you reach a good volume sprinkle glitter flakes over to give a gilded effect. I happened to have adhesive spray on hand (my craft bin is a treasure trove) so I used that to make the glitter stay put.
  3. Take bottle brush tree and hot-glue to top of vehicle. Once secure glue bottom of vehicle to snow. Repeat with assorted woodland creatures. Fill in scene as you wish!
  4. Thread ribbon through top, secure, hang!



I noticed too late that I faced the camper the wrong way (really wish you could see the door from the front) but life’s not perfect so why should my crafts be?

In other news: I had an eggnog latte today and it kicked butt. Literally. It messed with my stomach so hard. But worth it.  I’m also almost done with Christmas shopping but I’m still panicking because I have like 2 weeks. Ahhh!!!

P.s if you’re not a DIYer but you like the look, I found some similar versions I found online for purchase. Here, here, and here.