the golden graduate

With myself and most of my friends graduating college this past week, grad parties have been all over my social media lately. It’s been so fun to see what everyone does with their individual celebrations, and has me wishing I could throw like five more parties of my own. If you’re still planning your party, or maybe already daydreaming of ideas for next years festivities, here’s a list of some of my favorite (relatively inexpensive) things I’ve come across to help celebrate the big day!

The Golden Graduate_edited-1 copy

For the Party:

“Celebrate” paper plates // “Celebrate” paper napkins // banner // “shine bright” balloons // golden party favor bags // “congrats grad” bubbles // confetti sticks // numbered sparkler candles

For the Graduate:

phone case // kate spade scalloped watch // “every day I’m hustling” to-go mug

Party on, Wayne!

Long Live Elon

I haven’t written in 2 weeks! HOW did that happen? I imagine it’s because between finals, packing my apartment, saying teary goodbyes to my friends, and GRADUATING, there haven’t been a lot of opportunities to sit down and write. Or there have, but I’ve been filling that time with heavy drinking. Sue me, I’m a sucker for FOMO.

2-Fo3gtdnrR6s3J-onbMTX4vfH4Ndiz1EG6oC47ylVwYCMVTFtJz2Qzfh4e5hI94W8zN7-GA=w1033-h463Now it’s all over (or, just beginning?) and it feels really unbelievable. I’m officially an Elon University graduate, with a B.S in Biology and 2 completed minors in sociology and statistics. As good as it feels to know I’m finished with my undergraduate degree, I feel really sad to be done with Elon. My four years in college were the best years of my life thus far! Elon is my home, and has been since the day I moved into my freshman dorm. I established a level of familiarity here unlike one I’ve ever had before. I made some of the best friends, developed some awesome passions, and became a version of myself I always hoped to be. During my time here I learned so many things in and out of the classroom that changed the course of my life. I was pushed to work harder than ever before, to explore without fear, to become involved, to never give up, and to accept occasional failure (but still to never give up). I was taught to be kinder, more aware, and to value the power of quiet leadership. I learned that making people happy is one of the most important daily practices ever, and that doing things with enthusiasm, even when feigned, leads to infinitely better results. I don’t know what will happen next for me (still trying to figure all of that nonsense out) but I know that I’m prepared for whatever life throws at me because of the people I met and the experiences I had here. Long Live Elon!

4-I77yOtC8svBVQept_R9iy9_nVrMuXX8n7e7Y26rDvUWfhpYAHoT4HETn9_0vXsj-CtJYyw=w1033-h463Appropriately, my decorated grad cap said “Mischief Managed” because, well, I did just that! Plus I’m the biggest Harry Potter nerd AND Elon is basically Gryffindor so…

6-Rt3lo8KeMtgSHGm0BDmWTBVT0NPrcRSbsxKb0dKxlWaoVDU2Hd6P6GP2OCahaIh6kfIbWw=w1033-h463All my stuff is packed, in storage, and I move out of my apartment tomorrow morning! Holy crap, right? Things are so up in the air right now that I can’t tell you where I’ll be in 2 weeks, but that’s okay right now. It makes life interesting, I guess.

Memorial day will be spent moving, but maybe I’ll fit something festive in! In any case, this blog is about to be poppin’ cause summer is here and that means good food, great weather, picnics, cookouts, Independence Day, and a whole plethora of ways to celebrate!

Have a happy Memorial Day!

thank you, Mom!

I only started appreciating Mother’s Day when I first left the nest. Up until then it was just another day, except I had to be nice to my mom and make a card. My sister and I even used to joke to each other privately, “when is DAUGHTER’s day?!”  But when you grow up your realize that every single day is daughter’s day! Your parents, whether you know it or not, have you at the center of their world. You’re always in their thoughts, you’re always the main focal point. They spend so much time, money, and effort raising you well; teaching you ridiculous things you don’t even realize you once needed to be taught, like how to use a fork or to not run into traffic. Moms, and especially those of daughters, really deserve some recognition. They sacrifice their bodies for nine months, go through an extraordinary amount of pain to bring us into the world, and then they teach us things like self confidence, how to be strong women, to value intelligence, and to be kind. Not to mention the shit they put up with when we go through the bitchy teenager phase. And it just becomes absurd that there’s only one day allotted towards celebrating your mom!

My momma deserves to be celebrated because she challenged me to read 100 books one summer, which fostered my love of reading. For all the times she made me play educational games so that I could learn to like learning. For the times she would stay up so late hand baking treats for my entire class, while other moms would just buy store bought. For the times she let me help her in the kitchen, so I would know how to cook. For all the times she was nice to me after I was horrible to her, and for always loving me regardless. My mom would defend me when kids were mean to me, and always reminded me to “kill them with kindness”.

FullSizeRender 2

Here’s what I sent my mom this Mother’s Day! It all stuff that reminds me of my mom, or represents something I love that I inherited from her. One of my favorite things my mom taught me was the importance of Thank You cards. She would hound my ass about those all of the time, and I never really understood why until recently. Thank you cards, and hand written cards in general, are such a sweet, simple gesture. I’m always so happy she showed me that. My mom also loves pretty prints and paper goods (like me!), so this box just seemed like a cool thing for her to have (plus it matched the cards perfectly!). The notebook is nice, and though it’s hard to see it has “Live Every Moment” on it in foiled gold. I think it will remind my mom of me, and it’s also something that will hopefully feel good for her to write in. The bakers twine and washi tape are to tickle my mom’s crafty fancy! She was always doing fun craft projects with me as a kid, and I know it’s why I love DIY stuff now.

Mom, you’re an amazing woman. Thanks for being my first friend in this world and for loving me even at my most difficult! Your hugs are the bomb, and making you really laugh is one of the best feelings ever. You’re more appreciated than you’ll ever know!

And of course I picked up some things for myself while putting this all together. I mean, I am my mother’s daughter… 😉

FullSizeRender 3

Hope all you Mommas were appropriately spoiled!