“Golden Snitch” Grilled Peaches

I’m writing this from the couch, where I’m posted up watching Goblet of Fire (my least favorite) and icing my recently sprained ankle.

What a way to start the week, right? Really wishing I had Madam Pomfrey here to fix me up.

I’ll keep the pity party light though. Hopefully the sprain will heal quickly. Really, I’m just so grateful it’s not broken. Plus, todays post is too pretty to delay anymore!

IMG_6679 2.jpg

Grilled peaches. Topped with ice cream. With flakey pie crust stars. Could there be a better summer dessert?!

To me, these lil guys look just like golden snitches. With the circular shape, the vibrant orange of the peach, and the sort of golden color of the ice cream, don’t you see it?! You’d just need to add some wings!

The addition of the pie crust stars is, of course, another homage to Harry Potter. They just allude to a little whimsy, a little magic. The dessert is beautiful without them, but adding them in makes the presentation much more Potter-esque. They remind me of the three little stars that were on the corner of every page in the books. 

And finally, to add one more layer of theme in, the ice cream used here is the butterbeer ice cream from this post! The butterscotch flavor and the grilled stone fruit, with the slightly salty pie crust stars? Just like magic. 😉

IMG_6683 2.jpg

IMG_6688 2.jpg

IMG_6694 2.jpg

Golden Snitch Grilled Peaches


2 ripe peaches, cut in half with the pits removed

1 tsp of unsalted butter

4 scoops of butterbeer ice cream

small stars cut from pie crust dough (use the discarded bits from your latest pie!) and baked till golden


place a grill pan over medium-high heat. while the pan is heating, rub the butter over the flat parts of the peach halves.

once the grill pan is hot, place the peach halves face down onto it. grill for 7-9 minutes. do not move the peach halves around a lot, or you won’t develop those beautiful grill marks! after 5 minutes, gently raise a peach half up from the grill pan to see how the marks are developing. You can carefully repeat doing so until you see the peaches have developed nice marks and are warm (but not squishy) throughout. remove them from heat and place them face up on serving platter.

add a scoop of butterbeer ice cream to the center of each peach half.

top with pie crust stars. or some sort of oat crumble/granola would be good too!

enjoy immediately. you can eat with a spoon, or you can be bold and just use your hands. i bet y’all know what i’d do! 😉

IMG_6686 2.jpg

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