Hibiscus Earl Grey Latte


One of the major action items on my wellness to-do list is drink more tea. Instead of always reaching for my trusted & beloved almond milk latte (or plain ol’ black coffee) I’ve been wanting to occasionally get my caffeine fix in a more gentle, herbal way.

Truth is, coffee will always be my #1. But teas have such amazing benefits that coffee just doesn’t always have. Plus, a little change in flavor is nice, don’t ya think?


So far it’s been really fun to experiment. Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner (!!!) I decided to put a festive spin on things, obviously. Look at those colors! Here are the details for my Hibiscus Earl Grey Latte.



Hibiscus Earl Grey Latte


1 earl grey tea bag

2 tbsp dried hibiscus leaves

6 oz hot water

steamed almond milk

hibiscus leaves + pistachios, for garnish


use a large mason jar and combine the earl grey tea, hibiscus leaves, and hot water. steep overnight in the fridge for maximum flavor.

in the morning, remove the teabag and leaves. the remaining liquid will be the most beautiful pink! divide this liquid between two mugs or glasses. pour steamed/foamed milk (this can be a hot or cold latte!) to the brim of the glass, then garnish with hibiscus leaves and pistachios.

enjoy immediately!


Galentine’s Day is tomorrow, so don’t forget to tell your girlfriends how much you love them! You could even invite one of them over and treat them to this 😉

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