The Best Holiday-ish Things to Watch & My Holiday To-Do List

Now that my animal nutrition class is over I’m finally able to devote more attention to my holiday to-do list. I’ve actually done a really good job in tackling most of the list so far and really soaking in the season this year, even if I haven’t done a great job of sharing it on social media. That’s kind of the whole point, though, right?

One of the best ways of getting into the holiday spirit is by watching some good, classic Christmas movies. I’ve shared my list in the past, (yikes to that old photoshop job, lol) but the crucial ones pretty much boil down to Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, Elf, Polar Express, The Grinch, Love Actually, Home Alone, The Family Stone, Miracle on 34th Street, The Santa Clause, The Nutcracker, The Night Before, and The Holiday. I don’t know about you, but I had pretty much watched all those by December 10th.

So I’m sharing a list of other things to watch that will keep you in the festive spirit, even though they aren’t necessarily “Christmas” movies/shows.

-The Office Christmas episodes, list here

-Gilmore Girls winter episodes (“I smell snooow!”)

-Family Guy Christmas episodes, all freakin’ hilarious. Especially the one where Stewie and Brian go to the North Pole.

-Bob’s Burgers Christmas episodes, also hilarious.

-Harry Potter (duh)

-Die Hard

-Sex & The City Movie (#1)

-Mean Girls (I can’t hear Jingle Bell Rock without picturing that famous dance, which is both funny and unfortunate)

I’m also sharing my December to-do list, which isn’t so different from years past but it’s been fun to knock things off the list in a new town. Experiencing Christmas in Raleigh has been nothing short of a dream, so far!

#1. Decorate the apartment for the holidays. You can see more details here!


#2. Have a friend over for a holiday bake-off & a Christmas movie viewing. I made a cinnamon star bread, my friend made Christmas tree-shaped puff pastry, and we competed Great British Baking Show style while listening to holiday tunes. Once our creations were complete, we enjoyed them while watching the Family Stone. So fun!


#3. Visit an over-the-top holiday themed pop-up bar. I’m excited to knock this one off with my family when they get here!

#4. Make a homemade peppermint mocha. Also make homemade hot cocoa & marshmallows like last year!

#5. Make gingerbread houses. 

#6. Get a tree! 


#7. Decorate tree with DIY ornaments. I saved a lot of money by not buying ornaments just for the sake of having them, and these were a lot of fun to make. Sharing details so soon.


#8. Drink coffee in bed while reading a Christmas-themed book. I couldn’t believe my luck when I got to do this while there was a beautiful snow storm happening outside!


#9. See holiday lights. Another thing I’m so excited to do with my family! There’s a thing here called the Great Raleigh Trolly, a trolly ride that takes you on a tour of all the best holiday lights in the area. I’m so excited!

#10. Make sugar cookies. I delivered them to the doctors I work with as a thank-you for being such great mentors and leaders. They loved them!


#11. Go to the mall and take in all the holiday shoppers & storefronts. Honestly a lot of fun! I went to an outdoor mall and a more classic indoor one, and didn’t buy a single thing but thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing.

#12. Listen to alllll the holiday music. Thank you, Spotify. Favorite playlists include Christmas Classics, Christmas Pop, Christmas Music (instrumental), and Country Christmas.

#13. Make a festive dessert to bring to Christmas dinner with some family friends. Should I do the buche de noel, or something fun and new?!

#14. Diffuse holiday essential oils for a toxin-free but still festive home!


#15. Drink specialty coffee drinks at all the cute, local coffeeshops in the area. Duh!

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