Halloween at Home

I’m sharing the first few pictures of my apartment today! All decked out for spooky fall festivities. 🙂

This space is nowhere near done. Photos and shelves need to be hung, a dining table needs to be purchased, rugs need to be added, an entry way needs to be organized, etc. But I really adore how it’s coming along and you know I couldn’t resist pulling out my favorite halloween decorations regardless!

My sister, a true minimalist, visited me this weekend and it was so fun to have her gush over the decorations. I do this so often that decorating is a given, but sometimes I forget how much happiness and glee it can truly bring people. Saturday night I finally introduced her to the cinematography magic that is Hocus Pocus, and paired with the cozy/creepy atmosphere the halloween vibes were at a major high. I’m so excited!



Not pictured are the spiderwebs I’ve since covered the bedroom mirror and bar cart with, and a big witch silhouette that I really want to hang against a window to scare my neighbors! I didn’t decorate the bathroom or kitchen because, honestly, those spaces aren’t at all ready to photograph. Next year, for sure!


One response to “Halloween at Home”

  1. I love the bats so much! And, I love visiting you during a holiday – I’m filled with festive feelings! 🙂


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