Prosciutto + Cantaloupe Salad

Hi guys, surprise! I’m comin’ atcha with a healthy recipe for a change!

I’ve been eating this salad non-stop lately. It just screams summer to me because of the cantaloupe being in season, so don’t let the season end before trying this one! It’s light and flavorful, so it’s perfect for a quick, healthy lunch on a busy day.

I couldn’t eat prosciutto for the longest time thanks to my anatomy lab partner making an unfortunate comparison during one of our dissections, but I think I’ve finally gotten over it. Clearly. Thank goodness.




Prosciutto & Cantaloupe Salad


2 c arugula

1 c cantaloupe, cubed

1/2 avocado, sliced

5 pieces of prosciutto, cut into smaller bite-sized pieces

a handful of pecans

pinch of s&p

juice of half a lemon


Toss everything together in a bowl. Enjoy immediately.




In other news, here’s a brief update for you (since I’ve been kind of AWOL): t-minus two weeks until my move in! Big boxes of furniture are starting to arrive in the mail and I can’t wait to finally get to decorating the new space. It’s been so hard not to exercise that particular creative muscle of mine. I’ve been reading a ton of really great books (sharing more on that soon) while enjoying all the amazing thunderstorms North Carolina has been getting this summer. Really loving having seasons back <3. And my animal nutrition class starts today, which means the fall semester has officially begun…which means FALL is almost here! Dreaming up all the festive things. Good things are on the horizon, y’all. 🙂

Hope the week is treating you well, friends. Thanks for reading!



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