Moving Update

I’m so sorry for my radio silence, guys. It’s been wild over here!

I got so many positive responses to my recent big news both on and off social media. Thank you!!! Every day I get more and more excited about this and feel certain it’s the right thing to do, which feels incredible. I can’t wait to be home again. I thought it would be fun to share a little update on how things have been going.

So. I found an apartment (can’t wait to share more on that soon!) in Raleigh super close to where I’ll be working. Two huge items off the to-do list! I’m already dreaming up how I’ll be decorating the place and I can’t wait to share that process here, too. The only obstacle is the lease doesn’t start until June, so I’m packing up most of my belongings, storing them with Mark here in Los Angeles until my move-in date, and then shipping them out. Packing is fun! I’m using it as an excuse to purge everything. I’m stealing lots of boxes from work and had a friend donate packing materials, so it’s been pretty cost effective so far. V important. Shipping will be a whole other story.

My mom will be flying out to LA the second week of May and we’ll be driving across the country together! We always did summer road trips together while I was growing up, so I’m actually pretty excited for this. Currently in search of really great books on tape, so suggestions are welcome! Once I’m in Raleigh I’ll be staying with a family friend until I can move in to my place.

Mark decided to stay in our current apartment and is having a friend from work move in. Our landlord offered him a 6 month lease and then he’ll go month to month until December when he’ll finally join me on the east coast! We’re currently working on getting the place fixed up a bit for them (professional carpet cleaning, repainting, some minor repairs) which has things a little chaotic. We had to remove all of the furniture from the bedrooms for the carpet cleaner, so we’ve been sleeping on a mattress in the living room. Like a slumber party! It’s not been the most restful experience, but it’s temporary. Once we can move Mark back into the bedroom, things will certainly appear more calm.

Saying goodbye to Los Angeles is bittersweet for sure. I’m looking at everything through rose colored glasses. There’s certainly things I won’t miss, and I definitely feel more excited than I am sad, but there’s also quite a few things that I’m finding it hard to part from. My favorite workout studios. My favorite coffee shops. My favorite coworkers and clients. I’ll miss the weather (except I’m SO EXCITED FOR SEASONS!) and I’ll miss the beach (even though I went like twice in the past year) and I’ll miss having so many experiences right at my fingertips. I’ll miss the “vibe” of this city. I’m even finding things about my apartment that I’ll miss. The natural light in the kitchen, my cozy bedroom, the sound of my neighbor playing the piano. I just keep reminding myself that it’s a blessing to have things that make saying goodbye hard.


So yeah! That’s where we’re at. It’s been a lot to handle but everything’s getting done and so far no catastrophes. Let’s hope that lasts. 😉

Love you all, thanks for being patient while we go through a bit of a transition here!

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