Sharing Some BIG NEWS!

Let’s take a break from the food posts, just for a sec.

I’ve been holding out on you.

A few posts ago I mentioned that our roommates, who are also a couple, sprang news on us that they wanted to finally pull the trigger and move out of our apartment. This is great news – I’ve been gunning for a parting of ways for a while now. BUT since we hadn’t had a single conversation about it prior to that notice, it was also really sudden and unexpected, and it left Mark and me sort of scrambling for answers.

I’m gonna be real with you: Los Angeles is not a cheap place to live. Rent is almost just as much as it is in Manhattan, and cost of living is just as high. With roommates, it’s manageable (albeit not entirely enjoyable). But without them, it gets dicey. Mark and I have reliable, steady jobs, but even so, affording an apartment out here would mean a number of sacrifices: Less money going into savings. Less money allocated to actually enjoying ourselves. Possibly relocating to somewhere further away from both of our jobs.  Probably downsizing. We love each other a lot and enjoy each other’s company, but a studio for the two of us is kind of a non-option.

So, we were feeling really panicked. Because we had about two months to find a new home that seemed really impossible to find.

And then there were other things to consider. Mark and I both felt like it was nearing time to move back to the East coast. We missed our families, we hated not getting to visit our friends enough. I also didn’t get into any of the vet schools I wanted to this round, and knew I would have to start being strategic with how I accomplished this major goal (and spending all my time working to just afford to live in LA didn’t seem very strategic).

I stress-cried a lot for two days. And then I called my mom, my best friend, my sister, my mom again. And then I talked to Mark. And we talked a lot more. And we considered our options and weighed everything. And then I got to werk figuring this sh*t out. And now, I can finally announce…

I’m MOVING! Back home, to North Carolina!!!

MOVING, y’all.

I’m sure you noticed the “I’m”. Mark is staying in Los Angeles for what I really hope is only 8 more months. He’s going to be involved in some research that will keep him here, and then once that’s finished he’ll join me. I’m not thrilled with doing long distance (again), or the idea of doing this all alone, but I’m staying optimistic.

Anyway, moving!

I’m both sad and really happy. I love North Carolina and have missed it every single day, so going back is thrilling. I’ll be so much closer to family and so many friends! I’ll be moving to Raleigh and I am so so so excited to start exploring a new area and really making a new life for myself (any suggestions for areas to look in for nice apartments are welcome!). With that being said, I know I’ll also miss L.A. I’ll miss all the things there are to do, the good weather, the epic food, the trendiness, the routine I’ve established, and most of all the people I’ve grown to love here. I can feel in my bones that this is the right thing to do, so I’m going for it, but I’m also going to make sure to really make the most of my remaining time here in Los Angeles. I’m sure I’ll be back to visit, though!

Whew. It was hard keeping that secret. I’m so excited to share this adventure on here, I think it will be really fun to document so many exciting changes. As you might imagine, since all my stuff will be in boxes for a little bit, I won’t be able to post as many recipes (temporarily!). But I really will do my best to make the upcoming updates as fun as possible. Thanks for following along!

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