Spring Surprise Cupcakes


Alright y’all. March is coming to a close, which means Easter is just around the corner. Is anyone hosting a brunch? I wish I could. I work every Sunday so it’s not in the cards for me this year (a crime to all, really, because I think I’d throw something epic). But that doesn’t mean I left y’all hanging! Over the next week or so I’ll be sharing a few recipes that, if given the chance, I’d most definitely serve at an Easter get together.

First up, cupcakes. We start with dessert first, in my home. 😉

all together.jpg

So. I’m gonna be real honest here: these are cupcakes from a box. I know, I know. And to the naysayers I proclaim: WhatEVER, naysayers! If you’re doing brunch right you have so many involved dishes (potatoes au gratin, ham, elaborate salads, breads, drinks) that you will be so relieved to just use a box for this one. Obviously if you’re hardcore, work from scratch, do you. But I’m a firm believer in [cutting cornerswhen it means saving some sanity, some time, and getting pretty much the same result.

Plus, while a good chocolate + buttercream cupcake is divine in it’s own right, the real treat here is the presentation.


On the outside, it looks like a normal cupcake, maybe one that resembles dirt & grass…


But when you cut it down the middle, wallah, there’s a carrot growing in that ground!

I mean…how cute, right? A hidden surprise! And so springy!

It could not be simpler. Here’s how it goes.


Spring Surprise (Hidden Carrot) Cupcakes

1 box of devils food cake (or your own recipe)

1 box of yellow cake (or your own recipe)

1 can of buttercream frosting (or your own recipe)

6 eggs

1 c vegetable oil

2 c water

red, yellow, and green food coloring

Mix the yellow cake as directed on the box and make sure to use the suggested measurements for oil, eggs, and water that the box gives (I listed the suggested ingredients from my boxes above…I think I used Duncan Himes brand). Add red and yellow food coloring until you reach a very carrot-y shade of orange.

Bake the yellow cake as directed for a sheet cake. Once finished, remove and let cool completely.

Once cake is cool, use a 1 inch triangle-shaped cookie cutter to cut the “carrots”. Set these aside. Do whatever you want with leftover orange cake (I frosted mine and offered it to a neighbor…lol.)

Prepare the chocolate cake as directed. Line 2 cupcake trays and fill each cupcake hole halfway with the chocolate cake batter. In the very middle of each hole, place a carrot (pointing down)! The carrots will kind of fall and look lopsided, but don’t fret. Once the chocolate cake starts to cook, it pushes the carrots right back into place. Cook for the suggested time.

Allow cupcakes to cool completely once through cooking.

Meanwhile, mix the green food coloring in the buttercream frosting and fill a piping bag fitted with the wilton frosting tip #233.

Pipe “grass” on top of each of the cupcakes.

*If you have fun Easter basket candies lying around, top the “grass” with cadbury eggs or jelly beans! Or even a little edible flower! I kept mine bare minimum for this round. Mostly because I hate jelly beans and if I have cadbury eggs in my home I will eat them ALL in one sitting.


Alright alright alright. With that, we’ve officially kicked off Easter week! Can’t wait to share more with you guys. Hopefully together we can plan/prep the most incredible Easter get together for all of you and your loved ones. Cause that’s really what it’s about.


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