Valentine’s Day Recap

Valentine’s Day has come and passed, and it was the best day ever over here! I was lucky that the day coincided with one of my days off, which meant that I got to spend the majority of the day being festive with my honey. I shared a lot of the day on my Insta-stories, but I love doing holiday recaps here too. So here we go!


Mark had some morning clients, so he was gone when I got up. While he was out I set up my main surprise for him, which was pink post-its in the shape of a heart, each with a different trait/thing I love about him. He loved it! We giggled together at some of the funnier traits I had written down (his ability to quote Family Guy verbatim, his inability to dance well), and I think he felt valued reading some of the more sentimental items (his loyalty, his impressive wealth of information, how kind he is to our families). 

He surprised me with a bouquet of fresh roses and a bag of fun-sized crunch bars (my absolute favorite)! Flowers are my love language, so I was ecstatic. We had a few hours to kill until our lunch date so I made us both lattes and we snuggled in bed drinking coffee and eating a few too many crunch bars before getting ready and heading downtown.


This year we’d decided to go out for a lunch date instead of a fancy dinner. It worked better for Mark’s work schedule, but we also realized that it would be waaay less expensive and we wouldn’t have to battle as many crowds. It was the best hack ever! Mark took me to a beautiful restaurant in DTLA called Cafe Pinot, where we sat in the almost-empty garden section. The cocktails, food, and dessert mousse we shared were all incredible and the whole thing cost us half of what their dinner menu would have cost! We could talk at normal volumes (no crowds!) and nobody was around to look at me strangely while I took pictures of our food. 😉




After lunch we got to spend a few more hours of quality time together, and I even convinced Mark to work out with me so we could burn off some of lunch. While he was with his afternoon clients I went home, cleaned up a little, painted my nails pink, and watched Enchanted because it just felt right for the occasion. I also finished his second lil surprise, this cute card that’s just so perfect for the two of us!


For the grand finale of our perfect day, we decided to make a homemade heart-shaped pizza. Why the hell not, right?!


I feel so loved and in love. Can you believe this is our 7th Valentine’s Day together? Some have been more extravagant than others (pretty sure this year is topping the list so far) but at the end of the day the thing that always makes it one of my favorite days is that we get to focus on being together. We don’t (or shouldn’t) really need a holiday to do that, but I like the cheesiness of it all just the same. Love you Mark Bell, lucky to have you as my valentine!

Hope you all felt loved and had a great day! I’m sad to see it go, but at least we have Mark’s Birthday to look forward to!


2 responses to “Valentine’s Day Recap”

  1. Mostly blessed! Love you!


  2. Great date hack! And I love the post-it heart!


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