Valentine’s Day Mini Chocolate Cakes

I think my biggest turn off to a recipe is a really lengthy ingredient list.


Like isn’t it so annoying when a recipe calls for 20 v specific ingredients and you just think “okay so my entire grocery budget this week will be going to this one recipe” ?!

This is not like that.

This calls for 5 ingredients, most of which are probably lying around your kitchen/pantry right now. And it’s wicked easy. Bake time is 5 minutes. So if you need to whip up a lil’ something special for a certain holiday that’s coming up, I got you covered. Wink wink!

I think Mark and I are going out on an actual date for Valentine’s Day this year. But usually we like staying home and being cozy together. This is still not off the table. Which is why I think it’s necessary to have a quick and easy dessert that you can make for the occasion, so that the day feels special without being too much of a hassle. Ya feel me?

So, enter Mini Chocolate Cakes! Served with homemade vanilla ice cream and fresh raspberries. There are few things that taste as decadent as chocolate cake + vanilla ice cream. Ugh. So good!





Mini Chocolate Cakes:

11 tbsp unsalted butter

5 oz bittersweet chocolate

3 eggs

3 egg yolks

1 1/2 c powdered sugar

1/2 c flour

Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

Add water to a small saucepan and bring to boil. Put a glass bowl over the saucepan so that it rests but doesn’t fall in, and so that the bottom of the bowl doesn’t touch the water. Add the butter and chocolate to the bowl and melt, stirring continuously. Once fully melted, remove the bowl and let chill in the fridge.

In a stand mixer, whisk eggs together. Add the powdered sugar and whisk till combined. Then add the chocolate mixture and flour, mix to combine.

Add the batter to a greased muffin pan. Fill each hole 3/4 full. Pop in oven and bake for 5 minutes. Maybe 6. NOT MORE! The top should juuust puff up, but the inside shouldn’t cook too much and you don’t want the lil guys to burn! So pull them out of the oven quickly.

Take a sheet dish, place it on top of the muffin pan, and then flip it over so the lil cakes fall out.

Serve hot w/ vanilla ice cream (I made ours the night before with my bangin’ new ice cream maker), some fresh raspberries, and a lil bit of powdered sugar. If all goes well, the inside will be gooey, maybe even melty. You’re welcome.



One response to “Valentine’s Day Mini Chocolate Cakes”

  1. Hello. Came across your blog today. This looks do yummy, I will have to give it a try.


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