DIY Floral Wreath



It’s been a long time since I’ve done a DIY. Was it maybe even last Valentine’s Day!? That seems absurd but it’s entirely possible.

Anyway, comin’ atcha live today with a DIY floral wreath project. I love wreaths, the greenery and color add so much to a home.  But I figure I don’t really want to buy a million for every season (which I would 100% do if given the funds and storage space) so why not just make them?! I have enough creative direction for that, and I think it ends up being less expensive in the long run: you buy a few standard materials once and then you just buy different blooms as you go along.

Remember a while ago when I did a DIY floral arrangement? I mentioned I went to the Los Angeles Flower Market because you get good flowers for real cheap. I did that again. They upped the prices a little bit since it’s a big week for flowers, but it was still worth it. $30 for everything I used and I had enough left over for an arrangement for my coffee cart.

Everything else I bought on Amazon. THANK GOD FOR PRIME, Y’ALL.


Supplies Include: thiswreath frame, this wire, flowers, scissors, and ribbon.

Once we got home from the market I got right to work. My first step was adding the greenery to the wreath and making it look lush and full. I took things one stem at a time, used the wire to wrap around and secure the stem to the frame, and filled things in slowly as I went. Pretty simple!


Then I did the same thing with the big white flowers (ranunculus, one of my favorites!) I was pretty intentional here, dispersing the flowers evenly but making it visually interesting by adding a couple grouped close together and keeping a few more isolated.

Finally, I added in the roses. I cut the stems really short for these since things were getting crowded, and I just folded them in. Some I secured with wire. It was really just what my heart desired.



I knew I wanted the wreath to hang over our bedroom door. I just felt like there was less likelihood that it would get ruined that way (verses a front door). So I fastened a command strip to the back of the door facing upside down, and then measured some ribbon so it would go over the door and hang the wreath at my ideal height.

I only tied a knot at the end of the ribbon, and kept the wreath merely resting on the ribbon. No need to add extra stress to the blooms by tying a knot around them!



Once I hung it I felt instantly giddy. It added so much life to my door. And so much festive energy to the general space!


I’ve filled a spray bottle with some water and lavender essential oil to hopefully keep the flowers looking fresh for a bit longer (at least 5 more days, please!), but it’s so dry and hot here that I’m not too optimistic. Even if they die tomorrow, I’m happy with the result. It was such a fun, simple DIY project. And it’s really nice to know that I made the damn thing and didn’t waste money on a cheaply made fake wreath that’s just going to take up space in my apartment! I’ve been so against buying non-versatile, hard-to-store decorations lately. v adult of me, no?



Are y’all into DIY projects? I think they’re so much fun, especially when they’re holiday-themed. Comment if you’re making or crafting anything interesting for the occasion, I’d love to hear about it!

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