February At Home

Finally, the longest month of the year is over (damn, January, we get it) and that means some festivities are coming up! Valentine’s Day, Mardi-Gras (I never celebrate this but once when I was a kid I got the gold baby in the king cake and it was thrilling so I feel v into the idea of someday celebrating), and (he’ll argue this is the most important) Mark’s Birthday!

Duh, it’s time to decorate.

First up is the holiday of luuuv, so I focused on that. For Mark’s birthday, there will be balloons. So many balloons. And streamers. And cake!


The thing is, some people find it difficult to decorate for Valentine’s Day without being obnoxious. I get it. Too many hearts, too much pink, it can be a lot (especially if you live with boys…or not feminine girls!). So best to add subtle touches. Think hints of pink. Some gold. A few flowers!

Plus, most of you who are reading this are like me: young people who rent and don’t necessarily have a ton of space to store huge amounts of decorations. I feel ya. The good news is you can still transform a space with just a couple of key things!


I displayed some pink & white books, pulled out our pink blankets and pillows, and started using our red (and heart shaped) cooking and serveware more. I subbed in some floral scents for dish and hand soaps and added fresh blooms wherever I could!

Easy, inexpensive, and pretty much done with stuff that was mostly already in my apartment.


Updating my apartment for different seasons (and months and individual holidays) is what makes it feel homey, cozy, and welcoming. I’m a huge homebody, so this is really important to me. I think this is something that a lot of young people want to do well but struggle with. So I like sharing my take on it all.


Okay, the garland over our painting isn’t exactly subtle. But it was too good not to add. Sometimes you just gotta do what feels right!

And by the way, after noticing the changes I’d made, Mark turned to me and expressed how much he appreciated my ability to make our house a home. Boy approved, y’all! I don’t often get that kind of blatant praise (he thinks it would go to my head, and honestly it probably would). It’s also proof that it really does make a difference even for those who don’t explicitly care about home decor. Success!

3 thoughts on “February At Home

  1. Lydia,

    It’s a cold, windy, snowy day in Kenosha. This blog (your ideas and comments) has warmed my spirit! Love ya!


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