Triple Lemon Cake for Cassie’s Birthday!

So, I’m gonna just say something most of us are probably already thinking: It is freaking hard to make friends as an adult.

It is essentially my job to just talk to people all day, and this still remains true. It’s simply difficult to transition from being acquaintances to being real friends with people nowadays. Also, if you work the days and hours I do, the opportunities to meet potential friends are minimal. It’s no real wonder that most of the friends I have in Los Angeles are my coworkers.  So when one of my favorite coworkers celebrated a birthday last week, I knew I had to make her a special cake for the occasion.


Cassie (the coworker in question) loves a good lemon-y treat, so I chose to make her the “triple lemon layer cake” from one of my favorite food bloggers, Erin of Cloudy Kitchen.

I love spending the day baking. It really slows you down, both mentally and physically. Something like meditating, no? You really have to focus, so no letting your mind wander too much and you can’t really multi-task. Cakes, specifically, aren’t my favorite thing yet. Frosting a cake is a skill many take for granted. But I really love the practice, so here I am.

Also, cakes can be super humbling. If you’re like me (read: an amateur) there’s always something that kind of goes wrong with a cake and how you handle it can be really telling & formative. I feel it’s worth mentioning that I only have one 9-inch cake pan. Which means I had to make each layer individually. YUP. Hence, lessons in patience and preparation. I also realized too late that I didn’t have enough lemons to make the amount of lemon juice the recipe called for, so while one layer baked I had to run out and get more lemons so I could make the curd and frosting. But, I dealt with it and the cake turned out incredible.

Seriously, it was such a hit at the office birthday party! I’m still on Whole30, but come on, I had to take one little bite. I needed to know if it was actually good, or if everyone was just being nice. Worth it!

And obviously, I had to document it all here.






I tried something new with this cake and attempted a styled top. I really loved how it turned out, almost like a flower!? Usually I’m too intimidated. And then, in an inspired moment, I added some of my favorite edible gold heart “sprinkles” to the outer edge. With the green ribbon on my new cake carrier, doesn’t it look so spring-like?! Gets me so excited for my second favorite season that’s right around the corner!





So okay. That’s about it. Back to more regularly scheduled Whole30 content. Hope you all had the very best weekend!



4 thoughts on “Triple Lemon Cake for Cassie’s Birthday!

  1. I feel you and I are twins! I too have started a recipe and realized I didn’t have enough of an ingredient. I have also made my share of cakes with one pan! This looks so delicious I am already planning to make it for a birthday cake. Thank you so much for sharing! Great read.


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