My Christmas Wishlist

Hey y’all. Miss me?!


Christmas is fast approaching and I am NOT READY. Can’t we have like…15 more days to work with and celebrate?! I don’t want it to be over. But also, I am struggling so hard with buying gifts this year. As in…I have no ideas. My family is being THE WORST and asking for things like memberships and tickets and experiences and I’m over here with no clue because, hellooooo, I don’t live in New York and I’m not cultured like them and they all have crazy sporadic schedules anyway! Mark, upon being asked for his Christmas list, said “you know what I like”. Thanks, babe!!!

Maybe it’s just an uninspired year. It’s not really about the presents, I know that. But I’d like to get the people who mean to most to me something they’ll love. Of course I know exactly what I want for Christmas. An OfficialRedRyderCarbineActionTwoHundredShotRangeModelAirRifle. Just kidding (you’re my favorite if you get that reference!) My list is all over the place this year: from kitchen tools all the way to a matching luggage set. So if you have someone in your life who’s a feminine homebody/hostess/cook/fitness enthusiast/type A who delights in anything cozy and coordinated and you’re like me and are at a total loss for last minute gift ideas, LOOK NO MORE! I made you a list.

copper pans // staub dutch oven // copper canisters // white cake stand // planner // photo printer // matching pajama set // luggage // essential oils diffuser // swell drink containers 

Other things that are topping the list this year but didn’t make the collage: fuzzy socks, warm knit sweaters, cozy heather grey joggers, classic brown tall Frye riding boots, more camera equipment, indoor cycling shoes, bluetooth earbuds, a marble pastry board, a travel case for cakes, a pasta maker, pretty throw pillow covers, make-up brushes, perfume, and a million other things. You’re welcome for all the ideas!

And finally, my biggest wish list item…


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