Watermelon Frosé

We’ll start this post with a little life update, you’ll see why.

So. The first week of August I got into what I thought was a minor car accident. The damage was apparently not minor. My driver side mirror detached from the car and my grill/hood/bumper got all messed up. I took it into insurance and they gave me a rental to get by. I thought I’d have my car back in 2 weeks. I thought I was golden.

God, I was so effing naive. Sorry mom!

A week later, I learned that the damage was going to cost more than the car was worth at this point. It’s a 2007 Ford Focus, so yeah, that makes sense. My insurance didn’t want to cover it. They wanted me to junk it and take a $3,800 check to put towards buying a new car. Or I could take the car against their recommendation, take a check for $3,000, and get the repairs done elsewhere.

I had some thinking to do, and for a week I deliberated hard between salvaging my lovable and very durable Focus, or trading in. I decided I wanted to keep the Focus, repair it so that it was safe and functional and junk it in a year when I (hopefully) leave California for a new adventure (not jinxing it not jinxing it not jinxing it). Then I’d just buy a new car at my new destination, and wouldn’t have to worry about another cross country road trip (as much fun as it was, I hated the mileage it put on my wheels).

So I made my choice and went to pick up my car…and was then told that the shop had lost my keys. Are you f*cking kidding me? I didn’t say that, but I for sure thought it.

They were nice about it. I explained I had a body shop appointment scheduled for that day, and they said they’d be happy to tow the car to the location free of charge. They’d also extend my rental and order me a new set of keys, all free of charge. Not so bad. I’ll have a mode of transportation and the body shop will just keep it until it’s all fixed.

And in addition to all of this, now that the car is a “salvage” vehicle, I have to go to the DMV and change the title and get a new insurance policy since mine will now be inactivated. In 30 days. Awesome. As if I didn’t have enough on my plate with work, applications, and school starting in 5 days.

These aren’t necessarily unmanageable problems, and ones I know I’m priveledged to even have, but it’s still hard. And what do we do when life gets hard?

We drink.

Just kidding! Sort of. I’m not recommending drowning yourself with alcohol in response to all of life’s problems. But sometimes a glass (or a few glasses) of wine is just what the doctor ordered to take the edge off. And since it’s still hot af here, a trendy frosé recipe seemed most necessary.

Frosé, for those hiding under rocks, is a slushy-like beverage made primarily of rosé wine. DAMN, is it having a moment in the social media world right now. Most of the time it seems to be made with strawberry syrup, but I’ve been craving watermelon so I’m making mine with that instead.



What You’ll Need: a standard bottle of Rosé wine // a mini seedless watermelon // simple syrup // 1 lime

What You’ll Do: Pour the bottle contents into an ice tray, freeze for at least 4 hours // Cut watermelon into large chunks to make about 2 cups // Add a splash (maybe 2 tablespoons?) of simple syrup, ice cubes, and watermelon to blender // Blend until smooth// Pour and squeeze in some lime for an added flavor boost! P.s mint would be great too!





I poured my watermelon frosé drinks into these glasses, because how could you not?! Aren’t they to die for? I happened upon them at the beginning of the summer and immediately saw visions of me serving margaritas in them, or using them for an al fresco dinner. They’re handmade in Mexico and the detail of the watermelon slices is so unique. I couldn’t snatch them up quick enough.

frose glasses.jpg

So anyway, here’s to tackling all of life’s inconveniences with a smile on your face and a glass of frosé in your hand! Have a good weekend, friends.

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