Butterbeer Latte

Harry Potter’s birthday has come and passed but I’m still chugging along with the HP-themed posts because I just have so much to say on the topic. I have 2 more posts planned, so don’t get sick of me yet. Realistically I could go on forever, this could be an entirely Harry Potter themed blog (omg…).

I knew going into this weekend that I had to do a butterbeer recipe. Butterbeer was always the drink of choice for everyone in the Harry Potter universe and for good reason. It’s described as a warm drink that’s sweet, thick, and frothy. When I read the books I imagined liquified butterscotch. I’ve gotten the stuff they sell at Universal and it’s good, but they only serve it cold in the California location. It’s also a little too sweet.

So I decided to make my own version of a Butterbeer latte. Are you surprised?


So I thought of making butterscotch syrup, which would be pretty easy with some brown sugar and butter, but then one day I was surfing World Market’s website (I do this commonly in my free time and I have to stop) and I noticed they sold drink syrups. It just seemed so much easier. They didn’t have the butterscotch flavor in stock but they did have english toffee, and since toffee is made using the same ingredients as butterscotch (it’s just cooked longer I think) I decided to go with that instead. Call it British butterscotch, amiright? For good measure I also got caramel syrup, I thought it would make the whole thing taste more…I don’t know… dynamic? Interesting? If all else fails I’ll score major girlfriend points by making Mark salted caramel everything.


So, I added two pumps of each syrup in my mug and then brewed the espresso directly over the syrup so it got all good and mixed. Then I frothed some Vanilla Malk (side note: this almond milk is organic, there’s no crap added, it tastes amazing and it has a great consistency when frothed for lattes unlike other, sometimes watery almond milks I’ve tried. Plus Mark thinks its name is hilarious…like MALK YAAAS) and topped off the drink.


The first sip was unreal. Sweet and warm and frothy, just like it said in the book. So I sat down with my mug and opened Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (the new, beautifully illustrated version) for a perfect morning.


Enjoy, friends!

3 responses to “Butterbeer Latte”

  1. I’m definitely trying this!!! It sounds amazing!!!!


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