5 Life Lessons Harry Potter Taught Me


Having a few really good friends who stand by your side, no matter what, can carry you through even the darkest of times. Harry, Ron, and Hermione were with each other through it all, from the very beginning. They fought and they were different from one another but they also pushed each other, and at the end of the day they each needed each other. Ron and Hermione gave Harry courage and hope. When it comes to friendships, the matter of quality is infinitely more important than quantity.


There’s a difference between being dragged into battle and walking into it with your head held high. Harry realizes this in book six when met with his prophecy, that he must be the one to either kill or be killed by Voldemort. He, like his parents, chose to fight instead of flee. And it made all the difference in how the story ends. Whenever we’re faced with obstacles or hardships, it’s best to face them head-on with dignity than be found avoiding the issue altogether. At the very least, less people get hurt.


Fear of death or the dark is nothing more than fear of the unknown, and there are far worse things to be afraid of. Why fear something so inevitable as death, or something so natural as darkness? Furthermore, making the fatal mistake that Voldemort made, of having fears and never bothering to learn more about them, is particularly harmful. Face your fears so that you can conquer them, rather than succumb to them.


Love is infinitely more powerful than hate. At the very core of the story, it’s a tale of good vs. evil, love vs. hate. Love, the most powerful form of magic, always wins. Acting out of love will always always always yield better results than acting out of hate.


There are always two sides to a story, and all persons have their flaws. *spoiler alert* Severus Snape was regarded as a villain for most of the series until the very end when it was revealed that he was actually a hero. For so long we were led to believe he was a murderer, a double-agent, a bad guy. Until we heard his side of the story and realized he was nothing more than a man who had loved and lost and was trying to do the right thing. Even Draco Malfoy, another of the series’ villainous characters, had moments of redemption. Harry was sometimes so clouded by his initial idea of these two people that he failed to see the truth. There are good people who do bad things, it’s as simple as that. We shouldn’t judge too quickly. We shouldn’t sort too soon.

There ya have it! The five main life lessons I learned from reading Harry Potter. And really, these are just skimming the surface. Harry taught me so much and continues to do so with every time I re-read the series. We’re so lucky to have grown up with him!

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