Golden Snitch Macarons

Hey! Did you know that it’s Harry Potter’s birthday soon?! Which is also J.K Rowling’s birthday. Both huge and very worthy reasons to celebrate- I classify it as a downright holiday. I’m kicking off Harry Potter weekend over here, which is including a lot of movie viewing, book reading, and themed snackin’. Perfect timing too, since I just finished the G.R.E and am in need of some serious decompressing.

First up, the super simple craft of making golden snitch macarons. I can’t call it a baking adventure because I didn’t make the macarons myself (I’ve been too busy, if you’re interested in doing so I wrote a post about how to do it here). But it’s the perfect activity if you have a Harry Potter themed party coming up and you need prep, fast! I swear you guys if I never get the chance to throw a Harry Potter themed birthday party for a future child of mine it will be serious potential lost. Or, ya know, you could also just make them if you’re like me and you want to celebrate the Boy Who Lived in style. Both totally acceptable. 🙂

So I picked up some lemon macarons at a nearby Whole Foods. I actually picked 7 to be exact, which made me giggle when I realized at check out because in Harry Potter, 7 is the most powerfully magical number…but I digress. I chose lemon because I actually really like the refreshing flavor and they were already a kind of golden color, so it seemed like a good place to start.


If I had more time I would have loooved to use gold food dye to draw the intricate design on the snitches in the movies. But I didn’t. So to get the magical golden effect I used edible shimmery “dust” on top of the cookies. I loved the effect, the shimmer would show just so in the light. But to make it really pop I also added some yellow sanding sugar. You can do both, neither, or if you’re feeling ambitious try painting on the design!

The last step was cutting out some wings from cardboard paper. I free-handed the shape and just used regular old scissors. I gave the wings some fringe so they were a little more visually interesting. Then I just stuck them into the frosting middle of the cookie. Obviously you’ll want to remove these before eating. But so cute for presentation, no?!


Now I’m dealing with the biggest internal conflict…which is do I go back to Harry Potter world to celebrate on the 31st?! I had a freaking BLAST last year when I went on the 1st of September. You can read about that here! The only thing is it’s kind of expensive, and oh yeah, I technically have to work that day. Ha!

5 responses to “Golden Snitch Macarons”

    1. lydiasantogade Avatar

      Thanks, girl!

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  1. These are amazing! I know a lot of people that would love these so I might have to have a go at them myself! And you should definitely go (I mean, who needs to work anyway right?) thanks for sharing!x


    1. lydiasantogade Avatar

      I’m so happy you liked them, Kat! I might have to just take your advice and switch shifts with a coworker 😂

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  2. […] the season that holds J.K Rowling’s and Harry’s birthdays (I make it a point to celebrate, as you can see!) It’s time to re-read a book (or seven) and have a movie marathon, maybe […]


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