It’s Popsicle Week!

popsicle week.jpg

Summer is well underway, people! I’ve read three books so far and I’m currently in a race against time to finish the three I have on hold from the library before my time’s up. Side note: why the hell do people pay for books anymore? I also have wild plans to relax in a hammock and hike a lot, maybe find a pool, have a picnic and/or barbecue, get back to exploring my city. Basically, anything that feels like summer. And what’s summer without popsicles?! Plus, whaddyaknow, it’s popsicle week!

Let’s get amped up for the Fourth, shall we? It’s time. I’ve been sulking just a tad about not getting to celebrate with my family at my lake house, but I’m determined to still make it a good one! Planning some fun activities (a picnic, some fireworks, etc.) and lots of red, white, and blue recipes. Kicking the latter off with these coconut berry pops with a sparkler-inspired surprise once you reach the bottom!


Warning: I can’t even really call this a recipe. I don’t measure anything, it’s so haphazard. Call it…a guideline. I’m sorry.

You start off by mixing some canned coconut milk with some regular coconut milk. Maybe 1/3 cup each. I don’t like the taste of just canned coconut milk but I do like how thick it is compared to regular milk, so I try for the best of both with a mixture. Pour a little into your molds (bonus if they’re star shaped!) and then add some sliced strawberries and frozen blueberries. Blackberries and raspberries work well too. Anything for the color scheme. Then fill the mold in with the rest of the coconut milk mixture, leaving a little at the top…


Because then you should add a generous layer of gold sprinkles! It looks like little edible sparklers! I had the genius idea to add the sprinkles to the top of the pop (so, first) too late, but think it would be absolutely adorable, so learn from my mistake. In an effort to practice optimism I just decided this would be a fun surprise at the end of your frozen treat.


Add the sticks and freeze overnight. Carefully remove and enjoy!

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