Pickled Deviled Eggs

Easter’s right around the corner so I’m trying to squeeze in a few festive treats here and there. Colored Easter eggs were a must, because duh!

Except this year I decided to forgo the boxed color kits and instead opted to pickle  hard boiled eggs with natural food dyes. I used turmeric, beets, and purple cabbage to make the prettiest deviled eggs ever. It was wonderfully simple. Also, I love deviled eggs so much that after I snapped some pictures I sat at the table listening to S-Town and snacking on the whole platter. Which felt very luxurious. You should try it! 

Hard boiling eggs is kind of annoying, no? Which sucks cause they’re so yummy. Apparently I’m not patient enough and don’t let my eggs get old (ew). So they’re hard to peel even with adding vinegar and salt to the water. But I took it slow and kept most things in tact, so no harm done. 

To make the dyes, it’s really simple. In three separate pots put 1 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup white vinegar. Then add one shredded beet to one pot, a teaspoon of turmeric + 1 cardamon pod to the second, and 1/3rd cup of shredded purple cabbage to the 3rd pot. Cover and bring each to a simmer. 

I transferred my dyes to individual mason jars, added 2 peeled eggs to each, covered the jars and pickeled them for 2 days in the fridge. 

When I was ready to eat, I took the eggs out and cut them in half. I removed the yolks and collected them in a bowl, added mayo and yellow mustard (no measurments, I did this to preferred taste and texture) and mixed everything together. Then I piped the mixture into each egg and sprinkled paprika on top. See? So freakin easy! And pretty. 😊

I distinctly remember as a teenager thinking pickled eggs sounded like the nastiest things in the world. How foolish. I’m really into them now. I actually kept some eggs pickling for even longer because I’m interested to see how the flavor changes. Plus I’m excited to put some of these bad boys on toast for breakfasts. Ya feel me?

Keep celebrating, friends! 

2 responses to “Pickled Deviled Eggs”

  1. mmm, was planning on making this weekend!
    on the topic of pickling, i have also been meaning forever to do some red onion pickling and top on avo toast or something


  2. […] might remember that last year I made a [funkier version] where I actually pickled hardboiled eggs before cutting them and making them deviled. They were […]


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