DIY Spring Flower Arrangement

Hello again and happy spring! The first day of spring zoomed by me (in the midst of a great visit from my parents and a very stressful organic chemistry test) and I never got a real chance to take a step back, smell the flowers, and soak in the fact that one of my favorite seasons is upon us. So I remedied that with a trip to the Los Angeles Flower Market and a fun DIY floral arrangement project!

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I’m like the biggest cliche in that I can be in the worst type of mood and flowers will instantly make me feel better. I usually stop by the nearest Whole Foods for fresh bouquets because it’s close and convenient. But lately I’ve found myself getting so frustrated with what I’ve found: small, underwhelming bouquets with high price tags. And I’m too good for that. And SO ARE YOU! 

So I decided to sub convenience for quality and I ventured all the way to DTLA for the official flower market. The gist of this place is it’s essentially a huge warehouse where growers sell their blooms to florist companies, event planners, grocery stores, trade officials, etc. and it’s also open to the public daily for a small fee. So you have a huge selection, great quality, and since you’re skipping the middle man, a smaller price tag. I paid $2 for entry and $20 for 6 bundles. Probably the same I would have had to pay for two shitty grocery store bouquets. Just sayin’. Most cities have this type of thing, you just have to do some investigating as to where.

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I’ll admit, I might have gotten a little overzealous with it all. I had a lot of flowers. But they’re all so beautiful! So who cares? Here’s what I included in my haul:

Stocks: The light pink flower in the top left of the photo above. These are really fragrant. And apparently one of the easiest flowers to grow! I think my dad even used to have them in my childhood home’s garden for a few years.

Mums: The pink flower right in the center of the photo. I think there is just so much texture to these, which makes them so delicious to look at.

Dusty miller: The light, almost dusty looking green leaf at the far right above. They’re so soft, like cotton, and I have always loved them. They remind me of spring in every way possible. Plus I like how cozy they make a bouquet feel.

Ranunculus: One of my favorite flowers, other than peonies, hydrangeas, and gardenias. The smaller, dark magenta flowers at the very top. I picked these last to add a little more color to the project and I’m so happy I did.

Eucalyptus: This is the tall green plant with the round leaves. I chose this because I think it’s beautiful and visually interesting. I also really like the combination of this rich dark green with the lighter hue of millers.

Baby breath: The little white flowers. I chose them because they add volume without taking up a lot of space…if that makes sense. Plus they’re delicate and feminine and that was the look I was going for.

No particular rhyme or reason to the combination. I just liked the colors/textures of the flowers together and wanted a lot of greenery. If you’re one of those people who understands the language of flowers and arrange accordingly, more power to ya.

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 I started by unwrapping and laying everything out on my table. It helped me visualize what I was doing and made it easier to add slowly and deliberately to the arrangement to get the overall look I wanted each time.

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Here’s how I filled the vases: Add one of each flower first. Vary the heights for a dynamic look and make sure to trim all (or most) of the greenery since you’ll be adding your own. I added eucalyptus first and the dusty millers second, took a step back and identified the areas that looked bare or empty. And then I stuck an extra flower here and some baby’s breath there to liven things up and fill everything out.

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The most fun was experimenting with different vases and changing the arrangement accordingly. I really liked the big, wide, clear vase because I could fit so much and really get creative. Plus the end result looked huge and so luxurious!

Life hack: I only had one actual vase here and instead of buying more I looked around my apartment for things that could suffice. This included two empty candy canisters and a mason jar. Other ideas include pitchers, ice buckets, and coffee mugs. I think the more creative the better.

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I am so obsessed with how they turned out. And now I have pretty bouquets all over my home! They make any room feel more alive and put together, which I’m all for. Plus they smell great. So who’s with me on team #NoMoreUglyGroceryFlowers?! And what are some of your favorite ways to ring in spring? Because this girl needs some fresh ideas!

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Have a great weekend, friends!


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