What’s In My Purse

I like writing posts that provide a little snapshot of what life is like in that moment and always seek out creative ways to do so. It occurred to me the other day that my purse, something I carry with me every single day, perfectly encapsulates my current style, hobbies, and everyday habits in a unique way. Plus I always love sharing my favorite and most trusted products. So I ran into my room and dumped my purse contents on the bed, took a look at each item, and recorded it here.


The purse // My favorite purse and the one I always have on my shoulder is this camel leather number from Nordstrom. I get compliments on it all the time, it looks great with everything I wear at the moment, it holds everything I need, and the straps never fall down.

Day Designer planner // I rarely leave the house without my planner. If it’s not written down I won’t remember it and usually I won’t accomplish it, so it’s crucial for me to have on hand. I like Day Designer right now because they have monthly layouts (where I plan posts and fun activities) and then individual pages for each day which include hourly breakdowns of the day, a to do list section, motivational quotes, and even an area to meal plan. Inspiration and the urge to be productive strike me at the weirdest times, and this helps me organize and act on all that.

iPad mini // I’ve been bringing this with me to work and when I venture out for coffee because I can read the New York Times on it, work on the blog, or surf Pinterest if I’m needing some inspiration. I didn’t download email or any other social media sites and I don’t text on it because I want it to remain a tool of productivity and inspiration rather than a major time waster (like my phone). I choose my laptop first forever because I can work faster and accomplish more on it but this is a great option when I travel since lugging a laptop around town is a hassle.

A good book // I’m reading Just Mercy right now and loving it, but more on that later. I started carrying books with me because sometimes the break room internet sucks at work and I need something to do. Plus I have like 7 books to get through right now so every free moment of reading counts.

La Croix // Whole 30 probs. No sugary sodas or rich lattes for me. I love water but I can get pretty bored so I always have a La Croix water on hand. My favorite flavor is the coconut. But they’re honestly all good.

Burt’s Bees chapstick // I love the fact that this is grapefruit flavored which is my very favorite scent. Plus I trust this product like no other. Chapped lips are a real issue with this dry California air, so I have this stuff on my person at all times because that look isn’t cute.

Reusable grocery bag // My sister got me this for Christmas and I looove it. It’s really big so it usually fits all my groceries for the week but it bunches up into a compact pouch that takes up no space at all in my purse. I keep it with me because I would always get to the grocery store only to realize at check out that I hadn’t brought any reusable grocery bags, and I find myself doing random grocery runs throughout the week for items I’ve run out of or forgot to pick up. Today I decided I was gonna have another go at macarons and shopped on my lunch break so I’m currently lugging almond flour and a candy thermometer. I also use it for shopping in general because why use store bags when you don’t have to?!

Compact wallet // My wallet was a splurge at Fossil but the quality can’t be beat. It’s small but still fits all my cards, I.Ds, cash, and change. Plus it’s so cute and classy 😊 and Mark can’t complain when I hand it over to him to hold because it easily fits in his pockets!

Raybans // It’s sunny in California and you gotta stay stuntin’. What more can I say?

Standard haul? Maybe not?? I don’t know! My friends have such different purse contents than me: baby bottles, make-up bags, an entire gym outfit, it’s so variable and interesting to compare and notice how different everyone’s “must haves” are! I think it says a lot about a person.

What are some of your purse staples? And if you see anything glaringly obvious that I should be carrying on the daily, please comment!

One thought on “What’s In My Purse

  1. These posts are always so fascinating to me! I read Just Mercy last year and it is a wonderful, thought provoking book that made me so angry and so sad at times. I’d love to see a “What I’ve Been Reading” post in the future! xx


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