We’re Sick.

Well, what do ya know! After 2 weeks of galavanting around in the cold and sleeping probably nowhere near enough, Mark is sick. So sick that both of us slept horribly last night. And since boys are absolutely pitiful when they’re sick, it’s now my job to nurse him back to health. Not a small order, but here’s the real kicker: the day he got back (and the sickest I’ve ever seen him) was our first day of Whole 30. Which means no orange juice with all that sugar, a lot of medicine is out, and chicken noodle soup? Nope.

Sooo, I made some chicken soup sans noodle. And I took a tip from a friend and made mashed potatoes, which she apparently serves the soup on top of. Game changer. 



I even found a way to get around the orange juice dilemma! That citrus juicer my roommate got me came in really handy with the 10 oranges I picked up at the supermarket. Hopefully the vitamin C will help me steer clear of the same pathetic fate of my better half. I’m excited for Whole 30 round two! I had such a successful first go and really kicked some bad food habits for good, but I need this detox to get back on track after the holidays. By now it’s day 4 and I’m feeling really similar to how I did last time: great about what I’m eating but my motivation and energy levels to workout are virtually nonexistent. Mark is doing so great on it, I’m seriously excited to see what learns about himself! 

In other news, I’m completely hooked on the show Nashville which is really getting in the way of all other forms of productivity. But I’ve also been in the mood to refresh most aspects of my life, so once I turn the TV off I’m hoping to make some progress there. Okay. That’s all from me! 

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