Miracle on 34th Street

Merry belated Christmas! I got home yesterday after a week in New York City with my family and while I don’t feel much more well rested than normal (traveling sucks) I do feel full of love.

My trip started with a dinner and drinks date with some of my best friends from college, people I literally hadn’t seen for over a year. I had a whole day of exploring some of my favorite parts of New York, including the adorable Chelsea and West Village neighborhoods, seeing the Rockefeller Center tree before the crowds showed up, and doing some last second shopping in Macy’s.





new york.jpg

My family and I enjoyed a lot of quality time together decorating the tree, watching Christmas movies, and listening to music. We had a lot of fun together on Christmas Eve and day with most of the usual traditions like our church service, opening presents, and eating Chinese food. My mom took me to see the Nutcracker at the Lincoln Center for a special festive treat as well! colorblock.jpg


On Christmas Eve I spent most of the day in my Christmas pajamas doing the last item on my holiday to do list: gingerbread houses! Except one house was enough for me, so I decided to make a Christmas village with the extra dough. Way easier and so much fun to make since you can create mini versions of your regular spots. The Target one slays me.

I was spoiled rotten this year with presents. Mark got me new running shoes and a tripod (!), my roommates got me a new planner and a juicer, and my family got me assorted gift cards, a wine of the month membership, a dainty little manger scene and some books I am really excited about! I also got all the cookbooks I asked for, probably the items I am most excited about. It was a beautiful reminder that I am surrounded by people who love and understand me and who really support my interests and passions.



The grand finale of my trip was meeting up with one of my very favorite people for lunch at Freemans, a trendy spot hidden at the end of an alleyway in lower Manhattan. It took approximately 0.3 seconds for us to be chatting and laughing like we had seen each other just yesterday. That, and spending my final night with my mama playing with my hair like I was a little girl, was pretty much the perfect end to the trip.

Now I’m back in LA ready to start a fresh new year in just a few days because, let’s be real, 2016 was overall THE WORST.