Holiday To-Do List

holiday to do.jpg

Wait you guys, did you know it’s the holidays?! Just kidding. If you are still looking at this blog you haven’t gotten sick of holiday cheer being shoved in your face at every possible turn. You might even enjoy it. I’m with ya. I think it’s awesome.

It’s day 8 of December and I spent my whole day off doing some Christmas gift shopping. It got me in the festive mood and had me thinking of all the things I want to do before the season ends, so I made a to-do list. Some of these things have been completed at this point and the rest are on the calendar! It really is such a special time of the year and should not be wasted. Whether you’re Christmas crazy like me or a little bit more low-key, make sure to get off your booty and do a few holiday activities! Maybe use this list as inspiration, or not, whatever. Just do something because this is the time that memories are made. Speaking of which, I’m keeping it short tonight so I can snuggle by the tree with Mark and maybe watch The Family Stone if he lets me.