Festive Sund(ae)s

Last night was our Ugly Sweater and Fugly Socks party, and let me just say, it was lucky that I had Sunday off of work. I needed it to recover. I quite literally got chocolate wasted (peppermint schnapps are a great idea until they just plain aren’t). So, despite having to drink a lot of water and avoid loud noises, I got to have a festive and relaxing day. That doesn’t happen a lot since I usually work on Sunday’s, so to memorialize the occasion I shared some details below 🙂


Going through photos from the night before, and this is one of my favorites. What a festive pair, I’m thinking this is Christmas card material??


Drinking a lot of coffee in bed out of my “Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins” mug. Also taking naps in between sips.


First delivery of Sunday paper came! I’m determined to read the whole paper on Sunday and to not have them accumulate in a corner somewhere.

ice crean.jpg

We went to The Grove for some holiday cheer and while out we picked up some Christmas flavors of Talenti. Took it back home and watched Elf for the first time of the season! It will not be the last.

Today I had a major case of the Monday’s. I was cranky and crappy feeling all day (probably an effect of sugar, alcohol, dairy, and bread all at once) and I just wanted to sleep. I’ll be turning in early and hoping for a better day tomorrow! Hope you all had an easier time. ❤