Halloween 2016

So…worst holiday ever y’all. I don’t have much to report because I didn’t do a damn thing. I worked all weekend and some on Halloween, and between the conflicting schedules and a poorly timed very vicious roommate meeting, arrangements were just never made. My ideal plan was to be Remember Berries with Mark and our roommates, which I think is the best outfit idea I’ve ever had, and it would have been nice to go out to a couple of cool clubs or bars. But alas, none of that happened. Instead I finished a book I’ve been reading for months and took two baths using Halloween themed bath bombs from Lush. I talked to my mom. I went on a really long run around the neighborhood and saw kids trick or treating and decorations on the actual houses nearby. That actually raised my spirits a little bit. But overall, it was kind of a bummer! I’m lucky that I spent the entire month doing Halloween activities, I’ll just say that. So unlike me.

I’m sure this is just part of life. Not all holidays can be perfect, not everything can be what you expect or even hope them to be. It sucks, but it’s probably good to be reminded of this every so often. Character building and shit. Whatever. Now all of my spooky decorations are packed (a whole process which involved me reorganizing everything and buying several new containers from The Container store to avoid having to pay for a storage unit) and I’m looking forward to a full and exciting November. Really really excited to see my family so soon and get a much needed break from L.A. Also, excited for pie. Much love!


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