Apple Picking & Pumpkin Carving!

There’s been a little bit of radio silence on here for more than a week, so let me catch you up a little bit. The fall festivities have by no means stopped. Last week I made butternut squash soup that I gobbled up so quickly I couldn’t even photograph it. I also made pumpkin gingerbread biscotti for my roommates (I obviously can’t eat them myself since I’m smack in the middle of Whole 30) and it was truly damn near impossible not to lick the batter. My roommates ate those so quickly I didn’t get the chance to feature them here and I was forced to ask myself “did I really torture myself for nothing?” but I guess it fostered good, gracious feelings in my home…I’ll take it.

But now it’s Halloweekend and there is no excuse to not take every chance to celebrate! Mark and I kicked off the festivities yesterday with a day trip more inland to go apple picking. He picked out an orchard about 2 hours from home and it couldn’t have been more to my liking. It didn’t feel like we were in California at all anymore: there were colorful leaves, a chilly breeze, a cloudy sky, and it felt distinctly rural. Plus the entire orchard had a colonial theme going on which, being the closeted Revolutionary War nerd that I am, I totally ate up.

applehouse.jpgorchard copy.jpgaplletree.jpgorchard1.jpgapples.jpgtreeeee.jpgapplestoapples.jpgcloseup.jpggroundapples.jpgrejects.jpgappleloot.jpg

Pretty good loot, huh? We didn’t pick up apple cider or donuts (*sobs*) because I didn’t want to be tempted, but the on-site bakery smelled SOOO good. Normally I would be turning these into pies and caramel apples but those treats will have to wait till November. These might turn into applesauce though! That same night we decided it was about time to carve our pumpkins so we cozied up, put The Haunted Mansion on, and got to work. Mine is Snoopy on top of a Jack-o-lantern and his is a spider on a spider web. I think they came out really well!


I still have to get our Halloween outfits together. I had the best idea of what we could be and it’s pretty simple to throw together, but I’m kind of running out of time! Wish me luck, and have a great weekend filled with tricks and treats!

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