October Happenings + Favorite Five

Ahhh, what a week my friends! After last weekend with my parents I never felt like I had the chance to recharge, so it was pretty much all I could do to get to this weekend in one piece. When I think back on this week I remember lots of binge watching Bob’s Burgers, which I’m obsessed with, and coffee. Lots of coffee. But we made it! Mark and I have the apartment to ourselves until Monday which feels amazing. Even though I work Saturdays and Sundays, we’ve had some fun things planned so that the weekend feels special! As a little celebration we made it to Friday, I also rounded up some favorites of this week. Hoorah, we did it y’all.


My “weekend days” (or, days off) are Thursdays and Fridays. So I treat those like most people treat Saturdays and Sundays. This Thursday the two main things on my to-do list were 1. Sleep in and relax in bed for as long as possible (I made it till 10:45 am) and 2. Bake Halloween cookies for my coworkers.  It’s been a minute since I baked sugar cookies and for me it seems like a muscle: if you don’t use it you sort of lose it. So I was really surprised that they all came out to my liking, I only had one throw-away even after the decorating process!  I can’t wait to surprise my coworkers with them.


Have you ever heard that rhyme “Five Little Pumpkins”? That’s what I was thinking of in the picture above. Also, I know, didn’t my mom tell me not to play with my food? She sure did but like most things I’ve ignored her 😉 This little fall cookie scene was too cute not to create. cookieshalloweenscene.jpgpacked.jpg

Today, Mark and I had one major thing on the to-do list: Pumpkin Patch! We visited the same one we went to last year, Mr. Bone’s Pumpkin Patch. It’s small but there’s free entry on weekdays, the pumpkins are fairly priced (for a pumpkin patch), and since we went so early in the season it was near empty. So much better for photo opts! I’m pretty sure you’ll never find me happier than when I’m standing in a house of gourds.


If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you saw we also picked up a new little buddy along with our pumpkins! We saw a skeleton dachshund on sale today and it tickled our funny bones (get it?!) so much that we bought it. We’re deciding on a name but I’m stuck on Bone-ard.

And now, the Friday Five:

Picked these up at Trader Joe’s the other day and I’ve already decided I’m going back for more. So yummy and festive!

I’m in a health rut lately, so I picked this up because I’ve heard such good things. Hoping it can help me kick the sugar addiction, such poor timing on starting it though…

I’ve mentioned before that Mark and I are getting into wine, and I thought this was a nice read to get started. 

Since it’s so hot in LA, layering isn’t a fall reality like it is in most places. This usually depresses me since it means I don’t get to dress the season! This mock layer top is the perfect compromise and I’ll be ordering it ASAP.

I totally got sucked down the Youtube rabbit hole the other day watching these bloopers from The Office! 

Cheers to a happy weekend!

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