Little Edible Jack-O-Lanterns

I’m saving pumpkin picking and carving for when it’s actually October, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have jack-o-lanterns on the mind! I wanted to share a super simple DIY project I did this morning that required no prep, minimal cleanup, took about 15 minutes and had such cute results. I present, Jack-O-Lantern Macarons!

I was walking through Trader Joe’s yesterday and I noticed frozen mango macarons were on sale. I love macarons and think they’re so much fun to decorate, but they’re super difficult to make from scratch and not something I love doing yet (read here). These were already made& the perfect shade of jack-o-lantern orange, so I threw them in my cart immediately. This morning while I drank pumpkin coffee and watched The Adams Family I painted little faces on them with black food dye, and I just love the results!




Such a simple way to add some festiveness to your day! It doesn’t need to be a huge to-do, which is really nice to be reminded of sometimes since I don’t have the time, energy or money for the whole 9 yards all the time. Who’s with me? Hope you’re all having a great SECOND day of fall! Mark and I are going hiking and exploring a new area of Los Angeles.

2 responses to “Little Edible Jack-O-Lanterns”

  1. Wow, I can’t believe how good these look!


  2. […] not though. I took a page out of my Halloween 2016 book and did the quick, easy project of decorating some macarons! No baking or slaving in the […]


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