First Day of Fall

Happy First Day of Fall, y’all!!! So happy it is finally here, no matter how warm it still is in California. I’ve literally been bouncing up and down waiting for this day to arrive. I was lucky and had the day off so I planned an early Pure Barre class, got grocery shopping and errands out of the way, and then spent the rest of the day making a festive brunch and DECORATING! Read on for some details.

First up: The inaugural fall meal I made myself and Mark was pumpkin crêpes with Nutella filling. Have you ever heard that thing about what French people do with the first crêpe they make? Apparently they feed it to the dog. All I can say is if I had a dog that would be one lucky son of a bitch because, miraculously, all of these came out perfect.


I got the recipe from here, which made about 6 crêpes. The pumpkin + Nutella was unbelievable and then I made some French press coffee (just realized how French-inspired my meal was as I was writing this) and I was in pure bliss.

I really don’t waste any time on decorating, do I? I know this type of manic festiveness isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and to those haters I say go fly a kite because this is the only way to live in my opinion. I put on Halloween pandora (Monster Mash all day every day people) and jammed out while I worked. And ya know what? Even my roommates, who definitely do not share my insanity, appreciated the new decor.


I love a spooky bar cart. I chose to adorn mine with spider webs and a crow to up the creep factor, then lots of themed drinks and some skeletons. I love the way it turned out! Now we just need to work on putting away that booze. 😉


My favorite decoration this year are my 3-D bats on the wall. Hands down. They’re so simple and pretty understated in the scope of things, but they add SO much to the area! I almost want to do them in every room on every possible wall.


My faux mantle makes me so happy. It’s a display of decorations old and new, and I just love the way they came together in this very classic Halloween fashion that everyone will see. I love the way the skeleton and magic books add a creepy but not tacky factor. And the “Boo” marquee contributes some classic orange action.

I’m obsessed with Halloween villages and figurines but honestly have a lot of trouble buying them because modern ones are just too tacky for me (my Mom has the best ones ever and I’m just waiting until I inherit them). But I saw this black glitter house being sold at a grocery store (!) and knew it would look amazing next to the tree I already had. Then I saw this being sold at Crate & Barrel and felt inspired to make a cheap knock off version to “fill out” my village a bit. I got some black glitter scrap book paper and a X-acto knife and I’m slowly adding more and more, but I might just cave and buy the one from C&B anyway…we’ll see. What do you think?


For our sofa table I decided to load up on pumpkins. Because duh. We have a lot of copper in there so I chose a copper, white, and pink aesthetic for something a little unexpected. I think it turned out really well! I like the pop of color a lot, which is good because I’ve been considering adding pink pillows to brighten up the new blue couch for a while. I’m also all for Halloween themed puns. Creep it real y’all.






I also ordered this and it’s going to join the collection in a few weeks. SO PUMPED. Do you get the reference?! If not, I might tell Winifred Sanderson and have her put a spell on you. 😉


As for my fall to do list, I’ve got a lot of baking, pumpkin picking, movie nights, and day trips planned. I’m so excited to be able to see my parents for my birthday and go home to the east coast for Thanksgiving! Hocus Pocus will be playing in the background of my life for the next 4 weeks at minimum. Let’s just say it’s gearing up to be a good one! Hope you all had a great start to the season!

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