Find of The Week

The roommates and I have been discussing re-upping our lease lately, and after careful consideration of what we all want the next year to look like, we decided to stay in our current apartment a bit longer. I’m not elated to have roommates still, but this apartment has become a form of home. Since we’re staying, I decided to do some updating of our space.  

For me, home decorating never really stops. It’s an on-going adventure. I just get too bored of my surroundings too often! And too inspired by other beautiful spaces. Lately I’ve been making some changes to our common areas: we got a brand new huge blue couch that’s now prompting some other changes to the room (more on that later). And in our dining area I’ve been wanting to switch out the old gallery wall with something new and fresh. In an effort not to rush things, I’ve been going slow and hoping the right thing would just appear. And on Sunday, it did!


I went to World Market after work to pick up cloth napkins and as I was perusing I turned around and saw this huge painting of an aerial beach scene. It was the perfect size, great colors, and very Gray Malin-ish. Then I checked the price tag and saw it was $100. DONE. Couldn’t get it in my cart fast enough. 


Now the space feels brighter and a little bit more open, which is nice! And yes, those are pumpkins on our table. The madness has begun.  

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