Popsicle Post

I’m feeling pretty guilty lately about how quickly I’ve been ushering summer out the door. Like, #ByeFelicia, I don’t want to be seen hanging out with you when by BFF Autumn gets here. So I’m squeezing in just a couple more summer activities before September 22nd rolls around. Like this favorite popsicle round up.

Popsicles are the best because they are so simple to make and you can really concoct them from just about anything. To be honest, I mostly make popsicles from leftovers of smoothies I make! They’re always healthy-ish, filled with fruit/yogurt/milk but no added sugar, and the act of eating them in popsicle form feels a lot more indulgent than drinking a smoothie. Below are three of my favorite (and easiest) pops I made this summer. Hope you enjoy!


Ombre Blueberry Coconut: Three layers of antioxidant filled goodness. The top layer is just blueberries and coconut milk, the middle is blueberries/coconut milk/shredded coconut, and the bottom is coconut chips and milk. So pretty much three ingredients of different ratios. So easy, so yummy, so pretty.

Creamy Carob Cold Brew:  Some cold brew coffee concentrate, almond milk, and bananas blended together. With carob coffee chips added on the top and bottom. Perfect for a lil kick in the butt after a long day. Or…if you’re like me, as a substitute for the usual cup of joe in the morning.

Matcha Coconut: Such a trendy flavor right now! I had to include it. Blend some matcha powder, simple syrup, and whole milk. Throw in unsweetened coconut chips for a crunch factor. Can you tell I love coconut in the summer?!


BOOM! So simple. Also be sure to have fun molds, because that makes the whole experience much better. I picked up these star shaped molds last summer but I bet you can find something similar somewhere!

Okay, so now that’s over, WHERE MY PUMPKIN-HEADS AT?!



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