“Kicking Off” Fall

Fall is just around the corner and the signs are everywhere. The air is getting a little crisper, pumpkins are already popping up in all of the grocery stores, I’ve had about 10 pumpkin spice lattes already, and football is here! I wasn’t raised to be a huge football fan, I never really paid any attention to the sport to be honest, but in recent years I’ve begun to want to start following it more. It looks like a fun culture to be a part of! Mark cares for little else this time of year, so I’m adopting an “if ya can’t beat em, join em” attitude. Plus, it’s a staple fall experience. And you know I’m all about those ;).


So to celebrate the start of football (and being another step closer to my favorite season!), Mark and I whipped up some chicken wings and potato skins, sat down with some red wine, and watched Cam Newton get concussed. Womp.




But oh well. A successful start to a new interest! We’re going to see the Panthers play the Los Angeles Rams in November, so I’m really hoping to be able to tell what’s going on by the time that rolls around. No promises, though.


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