Sidecar Doughnuts 


It’s kind of awesome that donuts are having a moment in the culinary world, right?! I feel like a speciality donut shop is now on the “must visit” lists for every major city in the United States. For Los Angeles alone I have like 10 that I’m waiting to go to. P.s I’ve been to California Donuts and they are everythinggg.

I found Sidecar Doughnuts on accident, after a morning of errands. Everything about this spot felt luxurious. From the marbled counter to the extravagant donuts and the ridiculously delicious cold brew. Even stumbling onto it felt special- it felt like a surprise. Like finding a really delicious and beautiful treasure. I forgot myself and ordered three (although this should really be viewed as a victory since I could have easily ordered a dozen), a raspberry, a huckleberry, and a blueberry cheesecake.


And yes, that does say “Fresh blueberry glaze, fresh blueberry compote, vanilla cream cheese filling, graham crumbs”. And yes, it was out of this world.


The thing I really loved about Sidecar was that they exemplified a part of the food world that I think is so cool and innovative, the part that combines really good food with really beautiful art. We live in a visual world people! People don’t only eat with their mouths anymore, a huge part of a good food experience is the visual aspect! And this place just gets that.


So go. Definitely. And don’t hold back on eating a billion donuts. And if anyone tells you differently, eat them too. 😉

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