Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Settle in y’all. It’s about to be a long one!

On September 1st, the day when magical kids from all over the UK load onto the Hogwarts Express to begin another year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I dragged Mark to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal to celebrate.

So here’s a little fun fact about me: I am obsessed with the Harry Potter series. Like, have all the books and books on tape and movies all in multiple formats. I burst into tears whenever I hear the soundtrack, or watch/read certain scenes, or when I think of how much the whole thing means to me. I know every fact ever about the whole franchise and I’m the go-to trivia expert on the matter for my family and many friends.

So considering all of this, it was a little absurd that before yesterday, I had yet to visit either of the Harry Potter parks. I was full on crazy the morning of September 1st, I woke up immediately at 6:40 am and jumped up to get ready. Mark and I left around 7:10 in the morning because we I wanted to get to the park 1 hour before it opened (Early admission is allowed when you purchase tickets from the park website) so we could walk around and take pictures before it got crowded. This was definitely the right move. The park was virtually empty, the light was just right for photos, and we got to see everything and even go on some rides before it opened!


I immediately started squealing when I saw everything. The details were unbelievable. It was a whole experience and it really felt like I was in the story I have loved for decades now. hogsmede2




After taking the time to take photos of every storefront and all views of the castle, we decided to start with the ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. In order to get to the ride you get to walk through the castle like a student and see famous classrooms and artifacts from the movies. My favorites were the enchanted Weasley car, the Mirror of Erised, the Defense Against the Dark Arts classrooms, and the moving and talking portraits. One was even of Salazar Slytherin!HOGWARTScar




At the very end of the walk through was the beginning of the ride which takes you through a condensed version of all Harry’s adventures. It was so well done, with a combination of 3-D visuals and physical things popping out at you. I’ll try not to ruin it, but you meet up with dementors, a basilisk, acromentulas, a dragon, and you get to play some Quiddich. I immediately burst into tears of joy and continued to sob with the goofiest smile on my face for the whole thing, all the while thinking “I’m in the story. This is all I’ve ever wanted”. 

Around 8:30 we decided it was time for some of the famous butterbeer, so we stopped at a cart and got 2 butterbeers (1 frozen and 1 iced), and 2 pumpkin juices for the road. The butterbeer was good, like a butterscotch soda, but really sweet. And of course you know we got the souvenir cup!butterbeer3butterbeer2butterbeer

Next stop was Ollivanders, where you can actually go in and buy your very own wand! They lead you into a dark wand room and play out the same scene where Harry gets his wand with a very lucky kid. And I mean the exact same scene. Cue the sobs for the second time. It just felt so real!!! The wand expert even made fun of me a little for this one… It was also so cool to admire close up all the wands from the movies for all of the different characters. In the end, the wands that chose Mark and me looked an awfully lot like Sirius Black’s and Hermione’s 😉ollivanders

floating wand.jpgwands3wands

Then we spent a good amount of time going into all of the shops, looking around, and shopping. We purchased some howlers from the Owl Post, laughed at the comical goods at Zonko’s Joke Shop, tried on robes, and got dangerously close to buying all things quiddich related at the Quiddich shop. owlpostzonkos


Around 10:30 we had a traditional english breakfast in the restaurant The Three Broomsticks, which had so many authentic details that I just couldn’t stop snapping photos. And then, since the park was getting pretty crowded and we had done just about everything we wanted to do, we took a little break and went to other areas of the Universal Park. threebroomsticks3threebroomsticksthreebroomsticks2


We took a really cool studio tour where we got to tour the lots where movies and tv shows are filmed, then did a Walking Dead themed walk-through experience that almost had Mark hyperventilating in fear, and then I wanted to go back to Hogwarts (shocker). So we went on the Forbidden Journey ride again, did the quick ride “Flight of the Hippogriff”, visited Hagrid’s hut, picked up 2 more butterbeers, and then stopped into Honeydukes for a final bit of shopping before we took off.


It was so amazing in there. Seriously straight out of the movies. We wanted to buy just about everything, but decided to stick with the classics from the series: We got a chocolate frog (with Rowena Ravenclaw’s card inside), exploding bon-bons, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavored Beans, and some butterbeer fudge. honeydukes2honeydukes3honeydukeschocolatefrogs


We got home at 2 pm, ordered pizza, and watched the last three Harry Potter movies to keep the festivities going. It was pretty much my favorite day ever. And today I woke up, got to drink some coffee out of my HP themed mug, and nibble some of my butterbeer fudge. Heck yeah.


3 responses to “Wizarding World of Harry Potter”

  1. I want to see a close-up of your wand!


  2. I am jealous of your adventures but also excited that you are helping me plan a trip to CA and vetting touristy things for me!


  3. […] I had a freaking BLAST last year when I went on the 1st of September. You can read about that here! The only thing is it’s kind of expensive, and oh yeah, I technically have to work that day. […]


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