Malibu Wines

Mark and I are in a life season right now where we don’t have a lot of overlapping time off. It’s a bit of a bummer, but we know it won’t be permanent and we’ve been determined to make the best of our time together. We’ve made some special plans to round out the rest of the summer, and this Friday we crossed a major one off of our Los Angeles Bucket List! We ventured a little inland to the valley and took a “Safari Tour” at Malibu Wines!


We showed up (on time!!!) to a cute little wooden shack where we signed in, got our wristbands, and had the opportunity to relax and wait for our tour to begin. While we were waiting I snapped some photos of the cutest date (above), and the buggy we’d be traveling in (below). So cute.


Our tour guide was named Nick and was so funny. He gave us a brief bio of the family-owned vineyard and explained why the ranch aspect even existed. Most of the animals were retired Hollywood actors that were now provided sanctuary in the expansive grounds, and they each had awesome names like Safariana Grande, Llama del Rey, and Michelle Ollama. Then we pulled up to some pastures and hopped out for an opportunity to pet and feed the animals! When I planned this, I chose the ‘Safari’ option because I knew Mark would lose his mind for this part. And he did. He loved it, which was so much fun to watch.

zebra.jpgsafariana grande.jpgwhites2.jpg

The first stop was also an opportunity to stop and try three of Saddlerock’s white wines. Mark and I don’t know much about wines (something we’re slowly trying to remedy), but our guides were really good about explaining the details of each wine. Mark went for seconds of the rosé, and my favorite was the riesling!


Again, I can’t say enough nice things about our guides. They were so friendly, really funny and down to earth, and one even happily snapped this picture of us. No small feat for us to actually get a good photo together!!! We loaded onto the buggy again and toured more of the grounds (while sipping wine), and pulled up to the next stop: petting and feeding a giraffe named Stanley!


Mark lost his marbles when he learned that you could put the lettuce in your mouth and have Stanley grab it. We both did. I think it made his week. Then we got the opportunity to relax and try the reds that Saddlerock offers. They were all so good, but we agreed on our favorite: a blend called King of the Mountains. Thoroughly buzzed at this point, we decided we’d buy a bottle and take it home for a special dinner to keep the good vibes goin’.


We also stole our wine glasses, so that was fun. We drove the PCH on our way home (& took a pit stop overlooking the ocean to watch the sunset), then made a dinner of grilled steak, baked potato with sour cream & chives, and salad. It was the perfect summer Friday!

Happy weekending friends, hope you’re having a good one!

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