Independence Day Treats Round Up

Well, the favorite summer holiday has officially come and passed and I am stuffed with all things red, white, and blue. I made a point to make 3 treats over the long weekend to really get myself in the holiday mood (all on Instagram), and I’m sharing some details on them below.

I always try to eat clean in the days leading up to the Fourth because I know I’ll be spending a lot of time in my bathing suit and will also be over-indulging in beer and barbecue. It’s always a big challenge to find healthy alternatives that still feel special enough to double as holiday treats. But this watermelon “berry pie” fits the bill perfectly. Just cut a personal, seedless watermelon (so cute and itty bitty!) in half and slice into rounds. Cut into triangles like a pizza! Top with coconut Greek yogurt (my very favorite) and whatever fruit you please. I chose raspberries and blueberries to keep it simple and holiday appropriate, but I’ve seen people get really creative so the sky’s the limit.

It’s becoming a bit of a tradition that I make Jell-O shots for special occasions.  I actually think Jell-O should be in every host’s emergency party planning arsenal. Similar to cookies, it’s just so easy to get creative with these. Not similar to cookies, they have a low involvement factor and can still come out looking really impressive. Which is always reaaaally nice for hosting anything. And almost nobody turns down a Jell-O shot. It’s too much good fun to pass up!

So anyway. This time around I tried something different and made these incredibly fun and really beautiful Jell-O shots. Except the weren’t really shots. And they didn’t actually have Jell-O in them at all! Ha!


These were made using only St. Germain gin, lemon juice, lime juice, water, sugar, gelatin, food dye, and sweetened condensed milk. 


The recipe I based mine off of can be found here, but I tweaked a couple of measurements and ingredients in mine. The coolest part about these is that they taste like an actual cocktail, not just boozy Jell-O. The tart taste of the red and blue parts is complimented reaaaally well with the sweet white part. I’ll be using this in the future for sure.


Finally, no summer holiday would be complete without a real berry pie! And nobody makes pie (specifically, pie crust) better than my mom. I had her teach me some insider secrets while we made this rhubarb and blueberry American flag pie on the Fourth of July. It’s henceforth named Uncle Sam’s Rhuberry Pie. And it comes from us taking two family recipes and taking a leap of faith in combining them. Making pie and pie crust from scratch (there are zero canned goods in this) is pretty involved, so there’s no way to do the process justice by squeezing it in here. I’ll be writing a more in depth post about this in the future. For now, just take a gander and wipe that drool off! 

Hope you all had the best long weekends! I am feeling pretty sad it’s over, but now it feels like summer has really begun and I can’t wait to see what else is in store!

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