Week 1 of the Bikini Series

Over the past week, I’ve been following the guidelines of the Tone It Up Bikini Series. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a fitness program that’s all over social media with beach-themed workout videos, healthy food options, and a crazy amount of ridiculous before/after results. You can read about it here. If you can get past the cheesy aspect of some of the materials and the obvious marketing schemes, it’s actually a really good program. This is my first time following the guides with the rest of the “community”, so I thought I’d document the 8 week saga here.

My first impression is that this series is a lot more doable than previous versions. Most importantly, the meal plan aspect isn’t as expensive as it used to be. My  weekly grocery hauls are around $50 now. And the meals are simple, tasty, and not at all boring. I’m following along with the nutrition aspect a lot more than with the fitness part, since they want you to follow along with their online/dvd workouts and I prefer my running + workout class schedule instead.

My favorite meal of the week was what they called “Bikini Wraps” *eyeroll*. The two varieties I loved most were the ones with grilled chicken, red onion, mint, & strawberries and the one with chickpeas, avocado, onion, and basil. Below is a picture of the chickpea recipe, on a bed of lettuce instead of wrapped up in a collard green leaf.


My least favorite meal was the week’s smoothie, some nightmare with blueberries, cocoa nibs, and vanilla protein powder. I literally dumped it out of my car window. 

The workouts this week included 2 Pure Barre classes and four 2 mile runs. I LOVE Pure Barre but don’t love the monthly membership fee. So this is my last week of keeping my studio membership and I’ll be transferring over to ClassPass, something I’m excited to document here. I’m also looking to get into longer runs.

In other news, we’re now in May! So strange, because I feel like it was last month that I graduated…which was last May. It’s looking like it will be a fun month.  I started this blog around this time last year, so that’s something to celebrate! I’m also looking forward to Cinco de Mayo, a good friend visiting LA, and then a quick trip to North Carolina to see so many of my best friends and celebrate my little graduating! 

Hope you’re all having fun!


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