Spring Cleaning Favorites

Happy Tuesday, friends! I’m finally writing again after a brief week-and-a-half hiatus I allowed myself, due to a new big adjustment in life and a general need to get away from the computer and just live. Happy to be back.

To fill all my loyal readers (hi, Mom) in on what I’ve been up to: I started two classes at UCLA this past week. One is HTML + CSS Web Design, which I’m doing purely as a passion project, and the other is Organic Chemistry…which I’m doing because I can’t avoid it I need it for vet school. All jokes aside, it feels really good to be actively learning stuff again. And it’s also a lot of fun to walk around a college campus again. The “just live” part has mainly been composed of working out (read: still burning off Easter brunch), hiking, watching the Tarheels beat ‘Cuse, binge watching the new Netflix series “Flaked”, visiting Venice and Abbott Kinney Blvd, crossing a couple things off of my L.A bucket list, reading on the beach, and making a spring cleaning plan.
Yup. You read that right. In my free time I’ve been making lists and plans on how to best spring clean my home. I came up with projects needed to be done in each room and researched nifty tricks in how to get everything as spotless as possible. This tab has basically been open on my computer for 10 days straight as I’ve been knocking out cleaning tasks. Sure, you might consider me insane. But spring cleaning is great! It’s an opportunity to reset, to freshen up, and to make your little oasis spic and span again.
I’m a neat freak. So my apartment is already pretty clean as is. I regularly wipe down all cupboards and surfaces, vacuum and mop, deep scrub sinks/tubs/toilet bowls, throw away clutter, and organize pantries. I’ll still do this all in a major way around this time of year. But I really focus on spring cleaning as an opportunity to update systems that aren’t reaching their full potential by making simple changes to each room that will make it feel more organized, functional, and lovely. I made a visual of all the items on my list this year that I intend on using to help me do just that, and bonus! You can buy all of these from Target, your #1 store for everyday needs.spring cleaning_edited-1.jpg

My favorite room in my home is my kitchen, so I do everything I can to make working in there as pleasurable as possible. And something that is definitely NOT pleasurable is how, whenever I go to measure flour for whatever I’m baking at the time, I end up making a huge mess because I have to try to aim excess flour back into a small paper bag. So I’ll be purchasing clear glass canisters to fill with flour and maybe some other grains like quinoa or oats that have been known to get everywhere. I also have been desperately wanting a bigger, more aesthetically pleasing utensil holder like the one above. Our current one is ready to explode with wooden spoons, whisks, and weird tools that the boys insist are necessary to own. Finally, I already purchased a boatload of Method soap products and brought them home. My favorite scent in the world (and especially in spring/summer) is pink grapefruit, and now I have our plates, hands, and all major surfaces smelling like it. Method soap is  also pretty and natural in addition to smelling like you’re running through a citrus farm. It’s a no-brainer, everybody wins.

Our bathroom is probably my least favorite room in the house, other than Andrew’s room. It’s unorganized and really dysfunctional, with very little shelving in the shower or on the walls, and stupidly placed towel bars all over the place. There is no cupboard under the sink, so we’ve had to create our own storage. The room also has weird dimensions and the shower, toilet, and sink are all close together so we can’t purchase one of those over-the-toilet cupboards or even a standing shelf like this one. We’ve learned to deal with just keeping everything in a plastic bin like this next to the sink, but I cannot stand the towel bars any longer. We’ll keep one next to the sink and cover it with some nice new handtowels. Then I want to purchase actual hooks to hang our towels and bathrobes off of. I know, mind blowing. I also want to add some floral candles to the room. If I feel like it, I’ll get some baskets to hold cleaning products and toiletries that won’t look awful to the naked eye.

Living with the two grown men I cohabit with is like living with two male toddlers. They just kind of pick things up and put them down wherever they please. Clutter is a huge problem in my home, which sucks because I HATE clutter. My biggest weapon against this is baskets. Baskets everywhere. I’ve shown a couple of my favorites. I’ll be placing them anywhere I can and surely putting anything from Xbox controllers to stupid knick-knacks they buy on a whim in them. Maybe I’ll hide my copy of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up in one of the baskets, for them to “stumble” upon when they need to find something. A girl can dream.

Let me finish by taking a moment to tell you an anecdote about one MAJOR kitchen cleaning project I just finished on Sunday: The refrigerator. Now I know everyone’s fridge is prone to get pretty gnarly, but I swear to God it’s like my male roommates have just been throwing their leftovers into the fridge as is, no tupperware necessary! The crap I found when I took that baby apart. The entire floor was covered in some brown, sticky, mystery goo. There was what looked like dehydrated cheese behind one rack. I found rotting chives in a drawer that made me gag. It was disgusting and it took me 2 hours to pry the goo off the fridge, wipe down all the walls and shelves, and dispose of everything that had long expired. Now my fridge is shiny and smells like grapefruit, but that doesn’t change how majorly scared I am from the experience.

Whew. That’s it! I know it was long, and probably boring for most of you. But maybe there’s someone out there as crazy as me who will be a little inspired?

Good luck!




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