St. Patrick’s Day Details

Another great holiday, come and gone! St. Patrick’s Day is a great one and I’ve been seeing green and thinking in Irish limericks all month long, so you know I was goin’ all in for the day itself. I had to be a little frugal in decorating this time around, so all festive efforts went towards enjoying the day and stuffing my face. No complaints here.


The day started with a stack of green pancakes, with made-from-scratch whipped cream and my faaavorite gold sprinkles on top.  Also, a glass of Bailey’s Iced Coffee. Or two. Look, I don’t condone getting buzzed at work…but I’m Irish. It actually probably made me a lot more enjoyable on a Thursday morning. baileyscoffee.jpgrainbowpizza.jpg

Lunch was a sweet and fruity rainbow “pizza”. You’ve probably seen it around Pinterest, and I decided to wing my own version of it. Yeah, my mom probably wants to disown me for not eating the traditional corned beef and cabbage, but this is colorful and also took considerably less time.


The actual plans we had for the night were to dress in green, get a little drunk, and go to a hockey game. I’ve never been to a hockey game before, but in the four years of dating Mark and almost a year of living with boys I’ve learned exactly two solid facts about hockey: It’s very rowdy, and it’s much more fun while inebriated. So to get the party started I made some Ireland themed Jell-O shots. I got my boozy Jell-O shot recipe from some of my best friends in college and absolutely have to credit them here for it. The instructions literally say “add so much booze that your nose hairs stand up…and then add a quarter cup more”. Suffice it to say, they do the trick ;)!

These shots were festive and tasty, fit perfectly in pockets and purses to be smuggled into bars and hockey stadiums, and paired really well with the green beers and Guinness I enjoyed later on in the night. Also for the record, I really enjoyed hockey! It was my second time seeing a New York vs. Los Angeles team at Staples Center in a week and I have to say, sports are way better in person.

Last but not least, here was the one decorative detail I incorporated for the day. I caved and got a chalkboard recently, and it’s been so fun. And a really easy (and cheap!) way to add some holiday specific vibes to our space! If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen a lengthier Irish toast I drew on it last week. Yesterday I kept it simple with the traditional “Sláinte” which means “good health” in Gaelic.


Hope you all had the best day and have something fun planned for the weekend! I’m in for a great one because my best friend is IN L.A!!!


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