Healthy Toast & A Life Snapshot

Happy Tuesday, friends! It’s my day off of work and it feels extremely luxurious to be at home, sitting on my terrace and writing this. On a TUESDAY! But I have a pretty busy day planned, so let’s get to it.

By now you know that I’m a big fan of rich, unhealthy breakfast food. I love a good plate of pancakes or waffles or french toast. The more bacon on my plate, the better. If I could, I’d “brunch” every damn day. I know I’m not alone here. When I think about why I prefer a golden short-stack to a plate of scrambled egg whites, I recognize that there are actually a couple factors at play: In addition to indulgent food being freakin’ delicious, it’s also usually prettier than healthier options. I’m drawn to pretty things. Indulgent food also makes an otherwise normal day feel somewhat special. I like special occasions.

Unfortunately, my metabolism can’t really handle an exclusively sugar-based breakfast menu. So I’m making more of an effort to find healthy breakfast options that can be pretty and feel special. So far, toast is proving a great success!


We all know toast is having a huge moment in the food world right now, and for good reason. Not only is there a huge variety of possible combinations and tastes, making it almost impossible to get bored of this meal, but the meal prep times are also usually next to nothing. Making it a great option for people like me, who can barely get out of bed with enough time to put on makeup and brush my teeth before leaving for work.


This toast is made with half an avocado, steamed edamame, and radish slices. It was as good as it looks. It felt special. AND because it was so green (and with St. Patty’s Day being just around the corner) it felt festive. Boom. Win. I cannot wait to start experimenting with toppings moving forward. I even heard there’s an entire cookbook out in the world  exclusively on toast. WHAT?

edamame toast.jpg

Now on to a quick life snapshot. I often find that my favorite thing about looking through old blog posts or Instagram photos is how I feel like I time travel to part of my past. I laugh at how different things are from what I expected, how I’ve grown, and I revel in the little details I share that immediately just take me back. At the time, those circumstances and mindsets seem so permanent. But they really aren’t, and when I look back on days that felt like “just yesterday”, I always wish I had written more down.

My days mostly consist of me waking up anywhere between 6:15 and 7 am, depending on how much I care to do with my appearance and if I’m dead set on making breakfast. I work from 8-5 at a small animal hospital where I’ve learned a ton. On my first day I had never even held a syringe and was thoroughly convinced that I was going to majorly injure myself. Now I’m giving vaccines, assisting on surgery, performing dental cleanings, filling prescriptions, and (working on) drawing blood. Work is fine, but not perfect.

When I get off  I go home to relax for a little bit before heading out to a Pure Barre class, or a run with Mark. I’m thinking of trying Soul Cycle soon. I spend a lot of time at my desk, planning projects, painting, practicing calligraphy, scouring Pinterest, and reading. I also clean a lot, because making things a little less chaotic is soothing to me. Living with Mark has been an adventure and a major adjustment, for sure. We’re still figuring out some kinks here and there. I think the hardest thing was realizing that just because we’re always around each other now, doesn’t mean we’re spending quality time together. But I’m still pretty infatuated with him, so that’s good. I started watching The Bachelor this season, but other than that all my regular TV shows have started to suck. So I binge watch The Office.

I feel like I still don’t really know L.A very well, but with it being so huge I wonder if anyone ever feels that way. I’m trying really hard to get out and actually experience it some more. I have a ton of stuff coming up that I’m really excited about! This Sunday Mark and I are going to a Knicks vs. Lakers game, and after that we’re going to a NY Rangers game, my best friend is coming for Spring Break, and in April I start two classes at UCLA. I’m hoping that being in a classroom will make me feel a little bit more like me out here. And that I’ll maybe meet some cool people. I’m also going to take a surfing class.

And that’s all for my Tuesday ramblings. I’m off to go find the Toast cookbook.



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