Valentine’s Day Breakfast 

A year ago, I made my first official Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed for Mark. He was visiting me at college and as a reward for braving the snow and ice to get to me, I decided to serve him up something cute. I kept it simple & made heart shaped French toast with strawberries and Nutella. It was a hit, so a tradition was born. My beau now looks forward to a special Valentine’s breakfast every year.

This year, with my Kitchen Aid as my forever weapon of choice, I chose to do something a bit more involved. But don’t be dismayed! This recipe is beyond worth it. I introduce to you, Raspberries & Cream Sticky Buns.

Everything in this recipe, including the dough, was made from scratch. But if you’re not blessed with a high power standing mixer, I’ve read that using frozen dough is sufficient.

panbakeThe one major “mistake” I made was not rolling the dough thin enough, so the rolls kind of exploded on me. But honestly, the pull apart bread aspect of it was kind of fun, and the dish itself was so beautiful the mistake didn’t even matter.

alittleofbothThe sweet and citrus-y lemon cream cheese tasted so great with the tangy raspberries. Mark, who knows how highly I take cooking compliments, was kind enough to eat three of these bad boys in one sitting! But seriously, if you have any sweet tooth whatsoever, you would probably enjoy this dish. And paired with a hot cup of coffee, you kinda can’t go wrong.


For an extra-festive touch (cause you know how I do), I sprinkled some edible gold heart flakes on top and added heart-shaped bacon as a side. My sweet Valentine just kept exclaiming “It’s even Valentine’s Day colors! How will you top this next year?!” Yeah, no clue yet.

For the rest of the day, I enjoyed quality time in the form of mini-golf and arcade games with Mark. I want it marked in history that I beat him 4 times in air hockey. Then he made me dinner. I’m spoiled. And very in love.




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