Valentine Details

It’s been a very pink month in my home. And with the day of love finally upon us, I’m here to show you a little bit of how I’ve added some festive details into the mix.

IMG_0953.jpgA festive bar cart, with way too much booze (never thought I’d say that) to style. We’ll have to get on that. 😉

IMG_0867.jpgA washii tape garland for the mirror. One of the easiest DIY projects I’ve ever done to this date. So easy, I shouldn’t even call it a project really. And yeah, that’s the Bachelor on in the background.

vdaycookies.jpgA couple batches of cute sugar cookies I whipped up for the boys to enjoy. Take note of the bears, which I named officially “The Debonair Bears” cause it’s pretty much cute as shit.

pancake.jpgA festive breakfast for a random Saturday (made from a mix but still delicious!) Side note: Mark and I are obsessed with Kodiak Cakes, a protein filled pancake mix. They’re so fluffy and delicious, and knowing they’re packed with protein makes them a little less guilty.

Can’t wait to share some details on what I’m getting into for Valentine’s Day next!

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