A Disney Anniversary

Mark and I reached the 4 year mark on January 8th this year. As it happens, this is the first time in our relationship we actually got to spend our anniversary together, seeing as most of it has been long distance. The day itself was nothing out of the ordinary, we were happy to just be able to do mundane things together like hanging out after work and going out for sushi. But our gifts to each other were pretty extraordinary! I gave Mark tickets for the two of us to see the NY Knicks play the LA Lakers at Staples Center in March, something he flipped over. And he gave me two tickets to Disneyland that Sunday, something I totally flipped over.

First of all, let me just say this. I like living in California. I don’t yet looove it. But the fact that I could wake up on my day off, leisurely might I add, and within an hour of leaving my apartment be in Disneyland made me kind of LOOOVE living in California.


We chose a perfect day to go. It was chillier than normal and cloudy, so no real crowds. And good thing too because the second we got in there I lost my damn mind. I quickly planned the whole day’s route, all the rides we had to go on and all the characters we had to take pictures with. Mark said he had never seen me smile so much ever (which totally wasn’t true) and that I was acting like I was 5 years old (which totally was).


We went on Peter Pan’s Flight (my childhood favorite), Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, Dumbo’s Flight, it’s a small world, Matterhorn Bobsleds, and Hyperspace Mountain. We also walked through Sleeping Beauty’s castle and Marvel’s Superhero HQ, where we were able to virtually try on Iron Man’s suit. Some wait times were up there for the rides, but the longest we ever waited was 30 minutes…which is really nothing. Plus half the fun is just walking around and taking it all in, the details of the park are seriously phenomenal.


Both of us favored Hyperspace Mountain. It was the longest and most exciting ride. But Splash Mountain and Matterhorn Bobsleds were also great! It was so fun to scream our heads off and laugh together like that. Unfortunately we weren’t able to see any characters, since those wait times really were ridiculous. But we decided we had so much fun that we will definitely be buying annual passes. That way we can really do everything without feeling rushed, plus there’s the whole other Disney California Adventure park we didn’t even get to!


We even got a decent picture together! Which is crazy for us. It was such a fun day and I’m so happy we got this shot so that I can remember it forever.

Overall, my tips would be as follows: Go earlier rather than later in the day, and get the most popular rides out of the way first. Figure out the FastPass system and learn how to really use it to your advantage. If you want a good picture just bring your own camera and give it to one of the guys that stand around and take photos that can be purchased. They’ll do it for free! And a huge thing that helped us was our small party. We got past so many other groups on rides because there were just two of us. So in this case, less is more.


And finally, a little blurb on my favorite guy. The one who knows me well enough to surprise me with exactly my favorite type of day. The one who loves me enough to tolerate generally boring rides like Dumbo and Peter Pan, because he knows it makes me happy. He gives the best hugs, has the best smile (see?), and is my best friend. In the four years we’ve been together I have learned so much about what it means to love someone wholeheartedly, to be kind and fair, and how to really listen. Mark, if you’re reading this, you make me the happiest all the time. Even when you drive me nuts.

Okay. That’s enough. Thanks for reading!





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