Halloween 2015

My bad, y’all. This has been sitting in my “Drafts” for about 2 weeks. Perfect.

Halloween this year was pretty low key, relatively speaking. I generally like to go all-out for Halloween, and coupled with the general drunken-ness that was college I never had an issue finding ways to party accordingly. But this year was kind of different. For one thing, I didn’t even had my outfit until the day of. Also, I worked during the day. So that was kind of a bummer, even though I did get to wear festive scrubs! But when I came home I was surprised with a TV recording Hocus Pocus, a bowl full of candy courtesy of my boyfriend, and a list of potential costume ideas. We decided on Bugs and Lola from Space Jam, because 1) was there ever a cooler movie/cartoon couple? and 2) the costume was pretty easy to pull together on short notice.

 We decided to go to a parade-type thing in West Hollywood. Basically a ton of people dress up, show up to a blocked off 20-block radius on Santa Monica Boulevard, and act like crazy people. Something really similar happens in NYC’s Greenwich Village, and also in Chapel Hill in NC. So we thought it would be fun to experience once. The outfits were great, and it was pretty satisfying having so many people commend our outfits.

November 1st was spent taking down the Halloween decor :(. I’m having some trouble decorating for just general fall/Thanksgiving, but I think it’s important to celebrate one holiday at a time. Plus there’s still so many fall things I haven’t enjoyed! So no Christmas stuff …yet.

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