October, So Far

October flew by. How is it already Halloween week?! It’s been such a busy month. I’ve been working like a dog (veterinary humor is real) so I haven’t had much time to do many festive activities. Including carve my pumpkins. Or make my Halloween costume…who am I?! Here’s a quick catch up on what I have managed to do this month.

my family’s traditional birthday cake, poppyseed + rich chocolate frosting, to celebrate my 23rd!
my birthday present from Mark, and my new favorite space in my home!
picking out pumpkins!
a couple Halloween-themed coffee table details.
Waffles with blackberry jam and powdered sugar. Not pictured, pumpkin waffles. YUM.
Some spooky decor that always makes me smile.
traveling home to the land of the pines to celebrate homecoming!
seeing some of my best friends, some of which aren’t pictured.
filling out a daily prompt with Mark, reminiscing about the past 4 years. Feeling lucky ❤️

I’ve also done a lot of stuffed not pictured, like made this apple cider sangria, this butternut squash pasta, and made some family recipe pumpkin muffins. Wish me luck this last week as I squeeze in a pumpkin carving session, prep my Halloween costume, and hopefully make some tasty treats!

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